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5 Tips For A Successful Exhibition

5 Tips For A Successful Exhibition

Going to an exhibition, especially if you are new to the game, should be a fun and exciting experience which is rewarding for the business. Here are five top tips for ensuring you get the most from your exhibition:

1 – Be prepared

Nothing is as bad as turning up to your exhibition unprepared. Some things are obvious and not often forgotten: having the perfect display, getting staff, remembering giveaways to entice the customer; but others are often overlooked. Ensure you have the right tools and spares to put up your displays, get staff uniforms to display the brand, check stock levels of anything you plan to sell and before the exhibition, make sure you know where supplies can be purchased at short notice near your venue.

2 – Be rested

It’s easy to slip into that holiday mood and go out for drinks the evening before an exhibition, especially on foreign soil. Make sure you leave the festivities until the end. Wake bright and early in order to get to the venue with plenty of time for setting up.

3 – Enthuse your staff

Enthusiastic and happy staff promote and sell more at events. Pay them well, give them perks, make sure they are fed and watered throughout the exhibition and you will reap the rewards. If you make them want to come back next time, you’ve made your mark.

4 – Talk, talk, talk, but not too much

Exhibitions are about getting your brand out there. Don’t waste time standing back being shy, but step forwards and talk to every potential customer. Just remember to try and keep conversations short and sweet; nothing puts people off more than waiting 15 minutes to be seen.

5 – Follow up everything

Record as much data as you can and on the return to the office, analyse it completely. Evaluate your experience properly and learn from everything you did – right or wrong. Successful tactics can be repeated and mistakes learned from. Make sure you put time aside to contact the people you took details off, and keep the momentum up after the event.