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How To Attract People To Your Exhibition Stand

Attract People To Your Exhibition Stand

It’s the perennial problem of exhibition vendors – how to attract more people to a stall and, perhaps more importantly, get those all-important contact details for future use. There are, of course, many different tactics to be used in order to achieve this, but one of the most successful is without doubt running a competition. Below we’ve detailed everything you need to know about making sure your competition achieves the results you want it to…

The first thing to say is this: don’t scrimp on the prizes! Do people really want to enter a competition where they’ll, at best, win a pencil or £5 gift voucher? Provide something whereby it is worth the risk for them – people don’t like giving their details away, but if they can win a big prize, the risk is worth it. At the same time though, make sure the prize you give away is worth less than the amount of business you will receive. Work out how much a lead is worth to you and how many leads you will get, then provide a prize worth around a fifth of this amount.

It is also vital that, when running a competition, people can only enter when they visit your stand. After all, getting their details is great, but having the chance to pitch to them and potentially get business there and then is even better! A great tip is to not make the entry forms readily available – simply place a notice informing of the competition then require people to “speak to a staff member” to enter. That way, every contestant will also get a sales pitch as well.

Many people don’t realise that the prize you offer is also very important, and that it should be something that relates to your company. This is for one very simple reason: if you give away something like a TV, everyone will enter, regardless of whether they have an interest in your products. If, however, you give away something related to your specific niche, only those with an interest will find it attractive. These are the highly-targeted people you want details of – other entrants will simply be a waste of time when it comes to chasing them up for sales later on.

Finally, it is vital you do absolutely everything possible to advertise your competition, as it is being used to get people to your stall and isn’t simply a bonus for anyone who happens to get there. Prior to the exhibition, make sure you use social media to advertise the competition as much as possible – we have a great social media article here – and when you actually get there, invest in signs and boards that prominently show people what they could win by simply giving you a couple of minutes of their time. Try to get them positioned around the exhibition as well, not simply in front of your stand. Whip up a storm of interest throughout the visitors, and you will find you have a very well-attended stall indeed!