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Attracting Holiday Shoppers

As shoppers pass by your store, you have less than five seconds to give them a reason to come in.  Professional signage helps you draw traffic by communicating visually – and immediately – what you have to offer and why they should buy from you.

What does your shop window say about your business?  Are there a lot of disorganized signs touting different specials?  Or is your presentation coordinated and visually appealing?  Too many signs all competing for quick attention only confuse shoppers, and increase the chances they’ll be passing you by.

Here are some tips just in time for holiday shopping season to make your retail presentation as effective as possible:

Clarity – keep it simple, clear and to the point.  Your messaging should be no longer than five impactful, action-inspiring words.  Add visuals to reinforce your message.

Legibility– a sign that’s hard to read – or worse, misspelled – does more harm than good.  Make your signage easy to read, with a short headline and an interesting visual.

Use Colour– choose a colour scheme and stick to it – no more than three or four colours that contrast and complement each other well.

Quality – professionally produced signage projects an image of quality and can be done quite economically.  There are a wide variety of retail signage systems – pavement signs, display stands, poster frames, suspended displays, cable displays, banners, posters, window graphics – that can be customised for special seasons or sales that you can order online for quick delivery.

Once your signage is in place, be sure you review it as if you were a customer and make any necessary adjustments to position or placement.

For more resources to help you attract holiday shopping traffic, visit our website at or speak with one of our retail signage specialists on 0844 800 1020.