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Finding Inspiration for Trade Show Booth Design

You have less than 10 seconds to entice someone into your booth – how do you know that your exhibition stand will do the job?  Here are a few places you can go for inspiration:

Hoarding boards – typically designed to grab attention in a short span of time, hoarding boards communicate one message with few words and bold images.  The next time you’re driving, take notice of the boards that get your attention and count the words on the ones that do.   That will give you some idea of how much information those passing by your exhibition stand have time to absorb.

Shopping centres – retail shops are always good places to look for exhibition stand design inspiration.  Walk through a shopping centre and take notice of what kind of signage or imagery seems to do a good job of drawing people in.  Look at how successful shops merchandise their products using traffic flow, colour and layout.

Fashion magazines – high-end fashion magazines usually have advertising that uses language and imagery sparingly to grab your attention.  Instead of flipping through a magazine to read it, look at it from a design standpoint – use of typography, colour, illustrations, photography, texture, etc.  You’re sure to get some good ideas for your next exhibition stand design project.

Exhibitions – you should be walking the floor of each trade show you attend and take note of what stands out.  Notice which booths are attracting the most traffic and see if you can discern why.

Online —  there are many websites that have photos of exhibition stands, including Discount Displays, where you’ll find configurations of every type of exhibition stand imaginable.  Going online will also keep you up to date on the latest trends and exhibition stand equipment available; just like many design-based industries, new products are the lifeblood of the industry!

Discount Displays’ showroom is a great place to “try before you buy”.  The address is 31-35 Wortley Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 3EB.  A map and more information about the Discount Displays showroom are available here.