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Futuer Of Trade Show Design

The Future of Trade Show Exhibit Design

As any business owner will tell you, trade shows aren’t like they used to be. With new exhibits pushing the boundaries of design and new materials being used to create some of the most popular exhibits, it is a logical question to ask about the future of trade show exhibit design. Trade shows are always changing and so should the exhibit designs and styling cues. For a business or brand to remain relevant, they must “up their game” and keep their exhibits innovative and exciting. But, with all of the latest advances in technology and the increasing usage of social media, just what is the future of trade show design?

Many trade show exhibit designers are finding more and more difficult to impress their clients. With the advances in CGI (Computer Generated Imaging), digital imaging, and technology capabilities, many clients have seen it all before and want something that will excite them and, thusly, their customers. Just as video walls, social sharing and experiential marketing have changed the way products are exhibited, a new medium has entered the trade show scene and it is creating a memorable experience. That medium is fabric and it is being used by many of the trade show industry’s top designers.

Why fabric? Fabric is lightweight and portable making it very useful for the small to medium or start up business owner who doesn’t have a team of staff to help set up at the show. Fabric is also very useful for “pop-up” displays giving business owners the ability to create a custom designed exhibit almost anywhere. From trade shows and shopping centres, to sporting events, fundraisers and more, fabric exhibit displays are becoming increasingly popular among UK business owners. Exhibit design companies like Discount Displays can add custom printed graphics using the highest quality inks and printing equipment to create an exhibit that only looks expensive.

Make your business stand out at your next trade show by choosing a fabric display that can be created in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and designs. To learn more about fabric exhibit displays, contact Discount Displays today!




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