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Hints on the Design of Your Exhibition Room

Putting on a display at a trade fair is one thing, but putting on a successful display is quite another. After all, anyone can book themselves into a venue with a bunch of banner stands! But what is the best way of going about it all? And how exactly can you ensure that your display will have a long-lasting effect on your visitors?

Well, if you want to make a sizable impact at a show, then you will need to do some careful planning beforehand. Like so many other things in life, preparation is of the utmost importance and putting a little thought into your display really can make all the difference!  Here are a few handy hints to help you on your way; the first of which regards –


Choosing the Right Size

As you will no doubt be aware, some trade shows are much larger affairs than others. So the golden rule here is to choose a size of display that will blend in accordingly. A large exhibition room will fit in very nicely at a multi-million pound event… but it will stick out like a sore thumb (for all the wrong reasons) at a more intimate venue. You can get a better idea of the right display sizes to consider by looking at what other exhibitors have got planned, so it is well worth –


Carrying Out Some Research

Taking note of your competitor’s displays can be very valuable indeed. However, this is not because you want to steal their designs; it is simply a way of understanding the latest trends. Try and follow suit to a certain degree, but without becoming a ‘clone’ in the process! Retaining an air of individuality is just as important as staying up to date. It can also be worth thinking back to previous shows you have attended -which of your displays have attracted the most attention in the past? Once you have done this, you will need to consider the best ways of –


Keeping Things Relevant

There are all kinds of lights, sounds, smells and other fancy effects that can be included in an exhibition display… but are any of these really in keeping with the message that you are trying to put across? If the answer to this is ‘no’, then leave them out altogether. Glitz and glamour that has nothing to do with the type of product or service you have to offer will only leave your visitors feeling bedazzled and confused! Keeping things simple can sometimes bring you the best results of all.