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How to Build Momentum for Your Next Exhibition

How to Build Momentum for Your Next Exhibition

In addition to planning and executing a brilliant exhibition stand, there are some additional things you can do leading up to your next trade show that will help ensure your success:

Pre-Show Marketing

Three months out is not too early to begin pre-marketing your next trade show appearance.  Add your booth ID number and the name of the show to your email signature line; a simple call to action like, “Come see us at (booth #) during (name of show)” will do.  Be sure to contact existing customer as well as prospects via email and phone to let them know you will be attending and ask if they will be there, too.  Motivate them to attend with a “sneak preview” of what you will be featuring in your trade show display.

Add Trade Shows to Your Website

Adding a trade show area to your website and listing all the shows you will attend during the year with your booth ID number will help you build interest and momentum.  Add a trade show floor map with your booth space highlighted so customers can find you easily. You can also create an online form that customers or prospects can use to book an appointment with you at the show.

Create Excitement with Promotions

Trade show promotions are very popular during trade shows…but how many think of doing something prior to a trade show to start building excitement for their products?  Email coupons that are redeemable for advertising premiums at your exhibition display during the show.  Mail scratch cards to prospects that they have to redeem in person at your booth to claim their prize.  Participation generates interest, which hopefully translates into sales.

Your return on your trade show investment will improve dramatically if you do some pre-selling to generate excitement and encourage attendance.