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Find Upcoming Exhibitions

How To Find Upcoming Exhibitions

Trade Show Calendar
As outlined in our previous post ‘Why You Should Market At A Trade Show‘ trade shows and exhibitions are great ways to promote your business, reach new audiences and become involved within the community of your industry. For attendees, exhibitions have never been more plentiful or exciting, with shows such as E3 being the launch pad for new tech, games and consoles.

With the many trade shows options available for both businesses and consumers, finding the right one can be a daunting and time consuming task. Below we have selected the three best ways to find upcoming exhibition and trade show events to make life a little bit easier for you.

Venue Website Upcoming Events

This is a good way to find upcoming exhibitions if you have a bit more time on your hands and gives you great control over the whole process. First thing you’ll need to do is find a list of UK exhibition venues. You can do this by using your preferred search engine, but this Wikipedia article is a good starting point.

By making a list of the names of the exhibition venues, you can then go back onto your search engine and search for the term ‘[venue name] upcoming events’ e.g ‘Earls court upcoming events’, which returns this page. Using the above example you can see there are limited filter options, but the upcoming events are listed by most recent first, perhaps making it better for people looking to attend a show rather than exhibit at one.

Trade Show Calendars

There are various sites that have put together a database of upcoming exhibitions and presented them in an easy to find tabular layout, including various search and filter functions. This means with just a few clicks you can find upcoming exhibitions for your industry, location, date range or keyword. Here is an example of an online trade show calendar in action (disclosure: the linked example is our one).

As you can the see, the layout is user friendly and intuitive and even has links going directly to the home page of the various exhibitions and trade shows. The database has over 4,000 entries and over 100 industries to filter by making it a comprehensive, one stop solution to finding upcoming events.

Event Listing Websites

There are several good quality, independent websites that keep a list of upcoming exhibitions and trade shows. They can be fairly limited in the amount of data they show, tending to specialise in one area such as Time Out London or not offering a custom search facility.

Despite this they can be great resources for scrolling through to find an exhibition that meets your requirements.

Hopefully the tips above have put you on the right track for finding the perfect event, let us know in the comments below if there is an easier method for finding upcoming exhibitions.


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  1. Looking at various exhibition venues is another way of finding out the latest shows for the year, although it requires some trawling through to find relevant shows.

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