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How to Treat Trade Show Booth Visitors

Training your exhibition booth staff on how to greet visitors and develop prospects is one of the most important ways you can recoup – and quantify – your exhibition stand equipment investment.

Here are some tips for those staffing trade show booths this year:

It’s All About Them – be sure you have a basic understanding of the key issues facing those who will be visiting your trade show exhibit and then listen to them when they tell you about their specific concerns.  Be prepared to tell them in a succinct fashion how your product or service can help solve their problem.

Be Genuine – after greeting a visitor warmly, be sure you are tuned into them… in other words, no looking over their shoulder for bigger fish.  Don’t ask to scan their badge until you have spoken with them for a couple of minutes and have established a dialog.

Know Your Product – don’t memorize a sales pitch; instead, know your product intimately enough to be able to speak persuasively about it.  There is nothing worse than going to a vendor’s booth and having the staff read their sales literature to you.

Create a Haven – nothing is usually more welcoming in an exhibition booth than comfortable seating for visitors.  Just make sure the staffers are not taking up this precious real estate!  Your exhibition stand design should also incorporate some tables and chairs for semi-private deal making.

Make Literature Accessible – many times a prospect just wants to gather literature and then read it later at their leisure.  Place literature racks throughout your exhibition stand that allows visitors to do this, and if a prospect doesn’t wish to engage in conversation, invite them to return to answer any questions they may have after reviewing your brochures.

Personal selling is all about projecting an image of your company as someone a prospect would like to do business with – you can best accomplish this by creating a sales-friendly exhibition stand environment and by treating prospects as welcome guests.