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Items to Take to an Exhibition

Items to Take to an Exhibition

So, you’ve booked your place at an exhibition and have planned out everything you need to do in order to make sure it is a roaring success. If it is your first exhibition though, you are probably wondering what you will need to take in order to cover all eventualities – and this is where we can help! Below we’ve compiled a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to take, so that you don’t have any mad dashes home in the middle of the day, or any crises that can’t be solved quickly…

Essential Items

Firstly, it goes without saying that you’ll need everything to construct your pitch. It’s impossible to tell you what this involves, as every pitch is different. We can, however, offer this advice: have a mock run of setting everything up, so that you know you have everything. Then, as you take it down, pack it away ready for transport. That way, you’ll know nothing is left behind.

It is also essential that you organise all literature and promotional materials prior to the event, and that you have more than enough to see you through. Always take extra, just in case you prove to be more popular than you expect. Other essential items to take include stationery, computers (as well as associated leads) and plenty of order sheets, as well as product demonstrators and, of course, a huge batch of professional business cards!

Emergency Supplies

If something might go wrong, the chances are it will. Therefore, you should take the kit you need to repair, clean or remedy any issue that pops up. You’ll need plentiful supplies of sprays and cloths to keep your exhibit looking in tip-top condition, as well as tools and nuts/bolts to make quick fixes on the display should it happen to break in any way (after all, accidents happen and visitors can often be slightly clumsy).

If you have an exhibit that has electrical components – or even if you simply need somewhere to plug in a laptop – make sure you take an extension lead too. Exhibitions are notorious for claiming a pitch has a socket, but then actually having a socket half way across the room. Don’t forget spare items such as light bulbs as well.

Personal Items

You are the face of your business, therefore you have to look absolutely perfect while manning your exhibit at all times. This means you should take plentiful supplies of clothes (more than one shirt per day, just in case it’s a bit hot in there), as well as all grooming products if the exhibition is spread over a few days. The constant hustle and bustle can also be quite stressful, so expect to get a headache at some point – a pack of painkillers will allow you to keep soldiering on though until bed time.

Finally, make sure you pack all of your confirmation letters, ID and, if needed, passport, well before you head off. Without them, you might not even get to the stage where you start setting up your exhibit!