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Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right trade fair booth space is both an art and a science, and every exhibitor has their own ideas of what constitutes a good space or a bad space.  Here are some tips on choosing:

Get a plan – start with familiarizing yourself with the trade fair’s floor plan; many will have interactive floor plans on their websites with spaces noted for companies that have already registered so you can see who your neighbours will be.

Competitors – some exhibitors want to be as far away from their competitors as possible; others think being close is great, because it helps draw traffic to your own trade fair display.

Traffic pattern – examine the floor plan carefully to discern the likely traffic pattern of the trade fair you’ll be attending.  The prime spots are usually those closest to the entrance near the registration area.

Rest stops – while food service areas and restrooms are high traffic areas, you will probably want to avoid these since visitors to these areas usually have other things on their mind than visiting your stand.  Plus, if you’re next to a food area, you could find your display littered with food wrappers and other trash.

Light – be aware of where windows or skylights are located; you don’t want to have your display graphics or digital presentation washed out by too much sunlight.

Utilities – if your exhibition stand requires power or water, you want to be sure that outlets are conveniently located near your space.  If the floor plan doesn’t indicate where these outlets are, be sure to ask your trade fair exhibitor representative.

Areas to avoid – avoid areas in the hall that are dark or poorly lit, that are near freight docks or elevators, that have low ceilings or columns obstructing the view or are in dead-end aisles.

Choosing the right exhibition stand display and graphics will also help you maximize your marketing investment in trade fairs and exhibitions, and the exhibition stand experts at Discount Displays can show you how.  For more information, visit our website or call us on 0844 800 1020.