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How to Make Video Work at an Exhibition

How to Make Video Work at an Exhibition

There are many different ways you can make your pitch stand out from the rest when at a trade exhibition, and you are probably already using many of them to great effect. One area that is often neglected is that of videos though, which can be continually played on monitors at your stall, providing instant information to anyone visiting you – even if you are unable to talk to them straight away. These videos could hold the key to those all-important leads you are looking for, and the better the video, the more success it will have. Below, we’ve detailed some tips on how to make sure videos work perfectly for you…

Keep it Snappy

There are going to be loads of stands at an exhibition, and visitors are going to want to get around as many of them as possible. Therefore, they simply don’t have the time to sit and watch an epic video presentation from you. In fact, they will probably only have, at the most, three minutes spare to watch what you have to offer. Therefore, make a two or three minute video crammed full of useful info – and make sure you have a chat with them after they have finished watching!

Repeat the Key Points

Visitors might start watching the video at any point, therefore they need to be able to understand your USP as soon as they start watching. If you only mention it at the beginning, they will fail to understand, and will almost certainly leave before the video starts again. Keep hammering the main point home throughout, and they will want to find out more.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Exhibitions are often really noisy and therefore you simply can’t rely on sound to get your message across – viewers simply won’t be able to hear it. Therefore, you have to make sure that the video gets all of the messages across visually. Use lots of diagrams, before/after pictures (if applicable) and make sure that there are bold subtitles throughout, emphasizing key points you want to make.

Bigger is Better

Do you think that your tiny 20” monitor is going to be good enough to effectively display your video to the masses of people at the exhibition? If you do, then think again. Exhibitions are often huge and people need to be drawn towards your pitch – and a tiny monitor isn’t going to entice them. Instead, invest in a huge TV screen and make sure that people can watch the video from a long distance away – this means that they don’t even have to come close to your stand to understand what your business is all about!

Provide Contact Details

It should go without saying that you’ll have many business cards and other pieces of literature in easy-to-reach places for your potential customers. To make it even easier for them though, make sure you include your web address, email address and phone number regularly throughout the video too. This means that those not taking any cards will still have no choice but to remember your contact details and they might well contact you in the future.