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Measuring Trade Show Success

was your exhibit successful?

Measuring trade show Success

If you use trade shows as part of your marketing mix, then measurement of success is vital.

Why measure?

There are four reasons for measuring the results of the trade shows you exhibit at:

ROI – Return on investment – To justify your investment – Each element of your marketing budget should show a return on investment. Measuring helps establish the most effective marketing mix.

Choose the best trade shows for your business – Every trade show and every business is different. Just like any form of marketing some will be more sucessfull than others. Measuring helps identify which shows are the the best ones for your organisation.

Setting and measuring Goals – If you want your team focused on results, tell them what results you expect and show them you’re measuring.
Where to start goal-setting

Every trade show is different for every organisation. So you need to create a simple measurement method that collects the right data for your goals.

There are many goals you can set as a target for your next trade show. Here are a few to get you started.

Improve your performance – Set key performance indicators. These will give you the information you need to improve the show next time.
– Generate sales leads
– Make direct sales
– Build a contact database

Building Customer Relationships
– Build relationships with existing customers
– Cross-sell products to existing customers
– Collect customer testimonials

Market Research
– Market a new product
– Research your market

Brand building
– Create an raise market awareness
– Develop new markets
– Launch a new product

Monitoring the success is very worthwhile. In the heat of a show it is easy to get missed out so plan in advance and incentivise staff to collect the data you need.

Good luck.