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Chalkboards and Blackboards

A handwritten chalk sign is a fantastic way to show a temporary message, such as a daily menu at pubs and restaurants. Easy to write on, easy to clean, you can rest assured when buying with Discount Displays as all our chalk board signs are covered by our money back guarantee.

We have a huge range of chalkboard signs and blackboards available in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure your message gets noticed. Floor standing chalkboard pavement signs are ideal for outside the front of shops or pubs to display a special offer or piece of information. Wall mounted chalkboards are eye-catching without taking up floor space, great for displaying a menu or promotion.

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  1. Premium Quality Chalk A Board
    Premium Quality Chalk A Board
    Price from £153.00
    • Hardwood A-Board chalkboard
    • Made to last - durable construction
    • Sturdy 30mm frame
    • 4 sizes available
    • Use with liquid or stick chalk
  2. Heavy duty chalkboard
    Heavy Duty Wood Framed Chalk A Board - A0 or A1
    Price From £229.00
    • Heavy duty chalkboard
    • Choose from A1 or A0
    • Wood frame with chrome fittings
    • Durable dark frame
    • Easy change chalkboard panels
    • Stable 45kg
  3. Chalkboard Poster Holder
    Chalkboard A-Frame Poster Holder - Dual Purpose
    Price from £115.00
    • A-Frame Chalkboard Poster Holder
    • Use as a-board or to display posters
    • A1 or A2 size available
    • 2x 6mm MDF water resistant chalkboard panels
    • 1mm Acrylic poster cover sheets
  4. Metal Easel and Chalkboard Kit
    Metal Easel and Chalkboard Kit
    £99.00 was £112.00
    • Metal Easel and A1 Blackboard
    • Sleek 1500mm tall folding metal easel
    • Suitable for stick or liquid chalk
    • Incredibly value for money
    • Lightweight and easy to store
  5. Chunky Chalkboard with Snap Poster Frame
    Chunky Chalkboard with Snap Poster Frame
    Price From £199.00
    • Heavy-duty a-frame pavement sign
    • Poster snap frame with option for chalkboard inserts
    • Two sizes - A2 and A1
    • Dark oak stained wooden frame
    • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
  6. Wall mounted chalk boards
    Wall Mounted Chalkboards - Chunky Frame
    Price from £35.00
    • Wall Mounted Framed Chalkboard
    • 6mm MDF chalk board panel
    • A0, A1, A2 or A3 sizes available
    • 65mm thick solid pine frame
    • Can be used inside or outdoors
    • Use stick chalk or liquid chalk pens
  7. Table Top Easel & Board
    Table Top Easel with Chalk Menu Board - A5,A4,A3
    Price from £22.00
    • Small easel stand and chalkboard
    • A3, A4 or A5 sizes available
    • Use on any flat surface
    • Board - 6mm waterproof MDF
    • Easel - pine with dark oak stain
    • Use stick chalk or liquid chalk pens
  8. 2x Budget Table Top Chalk Boards
    2x Budget Table Top Chalk Boards
    Price from £14.00
    • A5, A4 or A3 sizes available
    • Table Top 'Tombstone' chalk boards
    • 3mm HPL chalkboard panels
    • Hardwood bases with dark oak stain
    • Use single or double sided
    • Use stick chalk or liquid chalk pens
  9. Wooden Table Menu Holder Chalk Board
    Wooden Table Menu Holder with Chalk Board
    • Dark oak stained wooden table top menu holder
    • Chalkboard front for displaying special offers
    • Use stick chalk or liquid chalk pens
    • Size: 150mm (w) x 200mm (h)
  10. Table Top Slide-In Chalkboard Holder
    Chalkboard Table Top Menu Holder
    Price From £12.50
    • Table top chalkboard menu holder
    • Dark stained oak frame
    • 8mm groove in frame for inserts
    • 6mm thick chalkboard included
    • Choice of A3, A4 or A5 size
  11. Chalkboard poster holder
    Wooden Hinged Chalkboard and Poster Holder
    Price from £39.50
    • Integrated chalkboard and poster case
    • Dark oak frame with perspex front
    • Available in A2, A3 & A4
    • Fittings included
  12. Light wooden chalkboards
    Antique Pine Framed Chalkboard
    Price from £18.50
    • Antique pine stain
    • 4 sizes available
    • Fittings included
    • Lightweight MDF backing
    • Use with stick or liquid chalk
  13. Distressed chunky chalkboard
    Chunky Framed Distressed Wall Mounted Chalkboard
    Price from £68.00
    • Chunky rustic chalkboard
    • Available in A1 and A2
    • 3 stain colours available
    • 6mm wipe clean chalkboard
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Use traditional chalk sticks or liquid chalk pens
  14. Slide-in poster holder
    Wall Mounted Wooden Poster Holder Chalkboard
    Price from £30.00
    • Dual purpose wall mounted chalkboard
    • Dark oak wooden frame
    • Use as poster holder or chalkboard
    • Available in A1, A2, A3 and A4
    • 3mm Easy to Clean chalkboard surface
    • Protective 2mm perspex front
  15. White washed chalkboard
    White Wash Chalkboard with Poster Holder
    Price from £33.00
    • White wash 40mm wooden frame
    • Doubles as a poster holder and chalkboard
    • Easy to Clean chalkboard surface
    • Perspex front 2mm covering
    • Available in A1, A2, A3 and A4
    • Use traditional chalk sticks or liquid chalk pens
  16. Table top chalkboard
    Framed Table Top Chalkboard
    Price from £18.50
    • Table top single sided chalkboard
    • Best used indoors
    • Dark oak stain finish
    • Sizes available: A3, A4, A5
  17. Frameless Chalkboard Pavement Sign
    A Framed Chalkboard
    • Frameless A Board Chalkboard
    • Strong rubber feet to reduce movement
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Double-sided advertising solution
    • High-quality UK pavement sign
  18. Specials slide-in chalkboard
    Wall Mounted Easy Change Chalk Menu Board
    Price From £84.00
    • 4 Panel changeable menu board
    • Ideal for specials boards
    • Dark oak stained frame
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Overall size: 600 x 900mm
  19. Hanging chalkboard display
    Hanging Ladder Chalkboard
    Price from £44.00
    • Available with 4 or 8 hanging panels
    • Double-sided display
    • Brackets for hanging included
    • 6mm easy to clean chalkboard surface
    • For indoor and outdoor use
  20. Bundle of 5 A6 chalkboards
    A6 Mini Table Top Chalkboard Bundle
    • A6 mini chalkboards
    • Pack of 5
    • Durable 3mm thick HPL board
    • Double sided
    • Hand hole for easy carriage
  21. Chalkboard bottle display
    Chalkboard with Bottle Display
    Price from £23.50
    • Available in 3 sizes: 1, 2, and 3 bottles
    • Bottle holder with chalkboard backing
    • 30mm dark oak stained wooden plinth
    • 6mm easy to clean chalkboard surface
    • Ideal for behind a bar
  22. Rustic Hanging Chalkboard
    Rustic Hanging Chalkboard
    Price from £12.50
    • Rustic hanging chalkboard
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • Can be used portrait or landscape
    • Comes with rustic rope
    • For indoor and outdoor use
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About Our Chalkboards

Our range of wall mounted, counter standing and pavement sign chalkboards have been curated to ensure as many environments and size requirements as possible are covered. Perfect for use in pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and retail outlets, displaying a chalk written message is a great way to present a message that changes often, such as a specials menu or price list.

The chalk surfaces wipe clean easily and can be written over again and again, making them a great alternative to posters and giving great value for money, especially when purchased as a bundle.

The majority of our chalkboards can be written on with either traditional stick chalk or liquid chalk pens. We will state on the product page if a certain type is not suitable for a particular board.

The main types of chalkboard we sell are wall mounted, countertop and pavement sign. You will often see all three types used in conjunction in pubs and restaurants as they complement each other to add an overall inviting sense of comfort. You can also display your board on one of our easels, more suited for schools and a great way to present information.

Aside from the traditional square or rectangle chalkboards, we also have a range of shaped boards including circular, arrow-shaped and animal shaped. These are a great way to show a bit of individuality and creativity when presenting your message.

For added value for money, several of our chalkboards are available in bundle packages to give you everything to need for your next promotion.

Chalkboard Accessories

As well as the chalkboards themselves we also stock a range of fantastic accessories to get the most out of your board and ensure a long life for the surface. Our liquid chalk pens are a best selling accompaniment to our boards, and ensure a crisp, clean message can be written on the board.

We also stock chalk insert panels, which can turn a suitable pavement sign into one that can display a chalk message instead of a poster. If you have a chalkboard already or want to display one on a stand we stock a range of easels that can hold a variety of boards.

Chalkboard Alternatives

If you are looking for a slightly different way to display your message, or simply want a product to compliment your chalkboard our first recommendation would be to check out our range of pavement signs. As the name suggests these are placed on the pavement and can display a poster instead of a chalkboard, ideal for displaying images.

Wall mounted poster displays such as poster frames and notice boards are a good way to get your message across if you are looking to display a poster instead of a chalk message.

We can also print onto a sign, such as correx, or poster material to give it a chalkboard effect, great if you are keeping the message the same and just want the look of a chalkboard.