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Construction Site Safety Barriers

Check out our range of construction site barriers and fencing. We stock official brands including Tensator, JSP, Heras and more. Our temporary site fencing is ideal for flexibility on site and ensuring a safe workplace for your contractors, visitors and staff.

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Discount Displays have a range of outdoor barriers and fencing for the construction industry. Our range of barriers cover all of your needs to keep people safe on site. Our metal fencing and barriers can be customised with our range of custom printed banners.

Importance of Safety Barriers for ensuring safety at Construction Sites
Safety in, on, and around buildings and construction sites is essential.  With changing, hazards on-site safety barriers in one form or another are an ideal way of closing off dangerous areas on site. Ideal for the construction industry to not only protect workers but also the general public.Portable construction
Safety Barriers benefits
What makes safety barriers ideal on construction sites is their ease of installation and they can be reconfigured and moved if hazards change. Our range from Tensator and Skipper are made to last in harsh environment and use high visibility colours so they are clearly distinguishable as a safety device at all times. 
To secure construction sites and your workplace, make them 100% safe and compliant with health and safety regulations, by using safety barriers in combination with our extensive range of construction safety signs construction safety signs   to protect your workers.