Digital Photo Frames FAQ's

Digital photo frames are a simple eyecathing way to get your message across at trade shows and to customers at the point of sale. Digital Picture Frames use a sharp LCD screen that lets you show hundreds of pics of your products in â continuously scrolling slide-show . Some models also allow you to play video files (check the specification when ordering) and also music via built in stereo speakers

How to add/update images on the Digital Frame?
Images shown on our digital photo frames is via a memory card. Download you pictures from your phone or camera to you PC. Use your PC edit the photos and decided on the order your want then copy the file created onto a memory card. Then insert the memory card into the digital picture frames
They are designed to be driven by inserting a memory card or stick.
Once the frame is loaded with your images a slide-show of the pics will automatically start. You can fine-tune settings like the speed and style of transition between pics.

Which digital picture frame ought to I choose?
Most of our best selling frames have similar features which are shown in the more info section next to each frame. The main different will be the size and the look of the frame and your budget. We are always on hand to offer you advice on the best choice. All offer crisp picture quality, ease of use and remote control and manipulation

What video formats can I use?
avi/mpeg4 files taken by most digital cameras. Most digital camera take video in 320x240 or lower resolution. The best supported resolution of a photograph or video is 640x480.

What Picture formats can I use?
JPEG which is the camera industries standard format

What is the maximum picture size?
The Digital Picture Frame can display pics up to 12 Mega Pixel