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Make the most of your outdoor advertising space with our huge range of pavement signs. Also known as sandwich boards, we have a selection of frame styles including A board frames, swing signs, flexible panel, chalkboard pavement signs and water fillable signs. In terms of the graphic type we have options for posters, graphics and even chalkboard surfaces to write your own message on. Our A-boards are available as the frame only or we can print the posters or graphics for you. Ideal for marketing and advertising, particularly for retail point of sale. We hold most of our pavement signs and A boards in stock for fast dispatch.
Special Offer Pavement Sign - x3 Windjammer Pavement Signs with Graphics

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  1. 20" x 30" Poster Snap Shut A Board

    20" x 30" Poster Snap Shut A Board

    Product Code: cPS001/43
    Price From:
    £38.75 ex vat
    • Double sided poster A-board pavement sign
    • Quick and easy to fold and carry
    • Snap shut easy change poster frame
    • Posters protection cover
    • Choose silver or black A frame
  2. A2 Poster Snap Shut A Board

    A2 Poster Snap Shut A Board

    Product Code: cPS018/42
    Price From:
    £51.99 £34.99 ex vat
    • A2 poster snap shut A board
    • 32mm extruded aluminium frame
    • 0.9mm steel back panel
    • Anti reflective front face
    • Locking leg stays
    • Silver or black anodised finish
  3. A1 Poster Snap Shut A Board - Silver

    A1 Poster Snap Shut A Board

    Product Code: cPS002/44
    Price From:
    £64.99 £39.75 ex vat
    • Double sided A1 pavement sign
    • Easy to fold and carry
    • Snap shut poster frame
    • Posters protected by anti glare sheet
    • Silver or black frame available
    • 160 x 570 x 840mm
  4. A0 Poster Snap Shut A Board

    A0 Poster Snap Shut A Board

    Product Code: xPS000
    Price From:
    £103.00 ex vat
    • Double sided poster A board
    • Easy to fold and carry
    • Snap shut poster frame with anti glare sheets
    • Takes two A0 posters
    • 884 w x 1400 h x 910mm d
  5. Windjammer A1

    Windjammer A1

    Product Code: PS050
    Price From:
    £87.70 ex vat
    • Water filled base with wheels
    • Steel springs dampen high winds
    • Anodised clip shut poster frame
    • Available with printed posters
    • Poster protector sheet
    • Indoor or outdoor use
  6. Windjammer A0

    Windjammer A0

    Product Code: cPS052
    Price From:
    £225.00 £118.00 ex vat
    • Water fillable base
    • A0 size Windjammer forecourt sign
    • Wind dampening steel springs
    • Wheeled base for easy movement
    • Anodised clip shut poster frame
    • W 960 x H 1559 x D 610mm
  7. Economy Pavement Sign

    Economy Pavement Sign

    Product Code: cPS003
    Price From:
    £33.92 ex vat
    • Double sided pavement signs
    • Aluminium Panels, stable PVC base
    • Display area 460x818mm
    • Overall Size: 465 x 867 x 540mm
    • Tested in 70mph winds
    • Quick to assemble - no tools needed
  8. Ecoflexlite


    Product Code: cPS003LT
    Price From:
    £28.25 ex vat
    • Custom pavement sign
    • 410 x 763mm display area
    • Plain or printed panel
    • Panel slots securely into base
    • Tool free assembly
    • Size 415w x 805h x 500mm d
  9. Ecoflextra


    Product Code: cPS003XL
    Price From:
    £44.95 ex vat
    • Ecoflex pavement sign
    • 540 x 917mm panel display area
    • Choose plain or printed panel
    • Stable base
    • Ideal for windy conditions
    • 545w x 979h x 540mm d
  10. Eco Swinger Pavement Sign

    Eco Swinger Pavement Sign

    Product Code: cPS004
    Price From:
    £42.00 ex vat
    • 430 x 625mm graphic panel
    • Eco Swinging Pavement Sign
    • Sturdy aluminium panel
    • Heavy black base
    • Available in Black or White
    • 32mm round steel tube frame
  11. Eco Swinger 2

    Eco Swinger 2

    Product Code: cPS009
    Price From:
    £49.99 ex vat
    • 430 x 750mm graphic panel
    • Taller version of eco-swinger
    • Durable aluminium panel
    • Black base made from recycled PVC
    • Tool free assembly
    • Choose white or black frame
  12. Eco Swinger 2.5

    Eco Swinger 2.5

    Product Code: cPS010
    Price From:
    £51.00 ex vat
    • 500 x 750mm graphic panel
    • Stable Pavement Sign
    • Option for custom printed graphic
    • Tool free assembly
    • Available in Black or White frame
    • 50x35mm steel tube framework
  13. Eco Swinger 3

    Eco Swinger 3

    Product Code: cPS006
    Price From:
    £88.00 ex vat
    • 588 x 917mm graphic panel
    • Choose white or black frame
    • Water fillable base with wheels
    • 50x25mm flat sided oval steel tube frame
    • Flat packed tool free assembly
  14. Eco Swinger 2.5 Poster Sign

    Eco Swinger 2.5 Poster Sign

    Product Code: cPS005
    Price From:
    £64.50 ex vat
    • Holds A2 posters
    • Swinging poster pavement sign
    • Choose black or white frame
    • Optional printed graphics
    • Oval steel tube frame
    • Tool Free Assembly
  15. Eco Swinger 3 Poster

    Eco Swinger 3 Poster

    Product Code: cPS014
    Price From:
    £102.50 ex vat
    • Holds 20x30inch posters
    • Double sided eco swinger pavement sign
    • Easy poster changeover
    • Choose white or black frame
    • 50x25mm steel tubular frame
  16. Eco Swinger 4 Poster

    Eco Swinger 4 Poster

    Product Code: cPS015
    Price From:
    £116.00 ex vat
    • A1 eco swinger poster sign
    • Polycarbonate poster wallet
    • Steel tube frame - black finish
    • Recycled PVC base - water fillable
    • Built in wheels in base
    • Tool free assembly
  17. Special Offer - Wood Effect Snap Shut A Board
    Price From:
    £59.99 £37.99 ex vat
    • Wood Effect Snap Shut A Board
    • Attractive round corners
    • Durable Powder coated aluminium frame
    • Includes ant glare poster cover sheets
    • choose from A2,A1
  18. Wood Effect Snap Shut A Board - Round corner
    Price From:
    £59.99 ex vat
    • Wood Effect Snap Shut A Board
    • Pine or Oak Finishes
    • Durable Powder coated aluminium frame
    • Includes poster cover sheets
    • A2, A1, A0, 20"x30", 30"x40"
  19. Eco Booster Poster Pavement Sign

    Eco Booster Poster Pavement Sign

    Product Code: PS060-MT
    Price From:
    £99.00 £64.99 ex vat
    • Economy booster
    • Stable, durable, attractive
    • Easy poster change over
    • White powder coated steel frame
    • Magnetic poster cover
    • Space for your logo
  20. Colour Frame A-Board

    Colour Frame A-Board

    Product Code: PS026-29
    Price From:
    £88.50 ex vat
    • 32mm extruded aluminium snap poster frame
    • Available in x4 sizes
    • Available in x17 Finishes
    • Sturdy Steel back panel
    • Durable locking leg stays
  21. WOW Pavement Sign

    WOW Pavement Sign

    Product Code: PS086
    Price From:
    £180.00 ex vat
    • WOW Custom shaped Pavement Sign
    • Stand out from the crowds
    • Durable but easy to change graphics
    • Includes full custom graphics
    • 10 unit minimum order quantity
    • Choice of 3 sizes - up to an impressive 193cm tall!
    • Ideal for Pavements or forecourts
  22. Stormforce Pavement Sign

    Stormforce Pavement Sign

    Product Code: cPS020
    Price From:
    £169.00 ex vat
    • Double sided free standing forecourt sign
    • Water fillable base for extra stability
    • Coil springs dampen high winds
    • Wheels for easy movement
    • Anodised clip shut poster frame
  23. Icon Pavement Sign

    Icon Pavement Sign

    Product Code: cPS084
    Price From:
    £156.00 ex vat
    • Double Sided - takes A1 posters
    • Wheeled base - water fillable
    • Magnetic poster pocket
    • Steel frame with galvanised steel back
    • 1215 (h) x 740 (w) x 610mm (d)
  24. Sightmaster Pavement Sign

    Sightmaster Pavement Sign

    Product Code: PS055
    Price From:
    £86.50 ex vat
    • Fillable base pavement sign
    • Black or grey finish
    • A1, A0 or 30"x40" poster display area
    • Front opening aluminium snapframe with rounded corners
    • Ideal for windy conditions

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What Are Pavement Signs?
Pavement or sidewalk signs are a cost effective way of getting your brand noticed at the point of sale or used as directional signs at events.

What Are They Used For?
Pavement signs have the flexibility to get your marketing messages across in a number of different ways. You can choose the type depending on whether you need a message that you can change frequently or a permanent branded message. Types of media include:

- Paper and weatherproof posters
- Chalkboard
- PVC banner
- Permanent printed message

Types Of Pavement Signs
A Frame Pavement Signs
These have the advantage of being foldable, so are easy to store when not in use. Posters are held in place magnetically or by a snap shut poster frame. Alternatively, they may have a chalkboard surface on which to write your own message. Many of our customers choose to use PVC posters in A-boards for their weatherproof benefits.

Swinging Pavement Signs
A modern take on the pavement sign, this design incorporates a panel suspended by hooks on the top rail of the sign. This means they are suitable for windy conditions as the panel moves with the wind. They can have either a permanent printed message or pockets to display posters.

Forecourt Pavement Signs
These are bigger signs that are used in garage forecourts or outside shopping centres. The distinguishing feature is a larger, heavier base that can be water filled or made from concrete. They have a variety of different ways of displaying either paper or PVC posters.

Flexi Pavement Signs
These are a great value option where you might experience windy conditions. The simple design has a solid moulded base and a flexible printed panel that bends in the wind.

Which Pavement Sign Is Right For Me?
Your Budget
As with most things, you get what you pay for in terms of durability and features. A low cost pavement sign used in a sheltered location and taken in at night will be fine for promoting your business. For high traffic areas or exposed locations it is wise to spend a little more and get a more stable and durable product.

Your Location
Wind and weather - certain designs stand up to windy conditions better than others. In general for windy conditions look for a design with a weighted base and/or a panel that moves in the wind.

High traffic areas - make sure you have plenty of space available and you’re not obstructing pedestrians. Choose a size and style that is appropriate for your location.

Look and feel - if you're running a café, pub or restaurant you might opt for a chalkboard design, whereas a mobile phone shop might opt for a more modern flexi panel pavement sign.

Looking After Your Pavement Sign
Pavement signs are designed for outdoor use but yours will last longer if you can bring them indoors at night and always use common sense in windy conditions.

If you need help choosing the perfect pavement sign our team of experts are on hand to help. Simply call us on 0844 800 1020 or email by clicking here and we'll help you make the most of your upcoming promotional event.

As well as our range of pavement signs, A board frames, sandwich boards and A board signs, you may also be interested in our pavement and forecourt signs, folding A frame signs and swinging pavement signs.

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