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Post and Rope Barriers

When looking for a contemporary queue management solution, post and rope barriers have been the go-to option for many businesses over the years. Used effectively outside retail and entertainment premises such as restaurants, bars, theatres and nightclubs, they are easy to use and create an exclusive feel to any area.

Also known as rope barriers, we offer a range of traditional style posts that can be combined with either velvet or braided rope to instantly create a VIP or queuing area. There is also the option to attach to the wall using matching brackets.

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  1. Rope and Post Special Offer Bundle
    Stainless Steel Rope and Post Bundle Packs
    Price from £429.00
    • Silver Stanchions + 1.5m Red Velvet Rope
    • Save up to 65% off RRP
    • Choice of bundles
    • Overall stanchion height: 1000mm
    • 5 year Guarantee
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About our Post and Rope Barriers

Our rope barriers are used by thousands of businesses looking to create either a queue control system seen outside nightclubs or a sectioned off area, such as an art gallery display. They are extremely easy to use, simply connect the rope clips to a post or wall mounted bracket and you have a barrier in place in seconds.

We know that the variety of business environments that rope and post barriers are used in means that it's important to offer a variety of options. To achieve this we have a selection of post styles in both silver and gold-finished stainless steel. We also offer three different post tops; crown, ball and flat. The function of these tops is largely the same, but they offer a finishing touch that compliments the rest of your decor.

Which rope should you choose?

We offer a velvet or braided rope option to compliment your post. The good thing about these barrier posts and ropes is that the rope itself can be used with any post, simply clip the rope onto the top of the post and you're good to go.

In terms of which one to choose, it mostly comes down to taste as both options have similar hard wearing durability you'd expect from a queuing control system. Both are available with red, blue and black colour options and at 1450mm long the braided rope is only 50mm shorter than the velvet rope, which is 1500mm in comparison.

If you have a gold post and are looking for matching rope clips, we do offer a gold end velvet rope but this is only available in red.

Our rope barriers are part of our queue control solutions and include the Queue Barriers range of products exclusive to Discount Displays.