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Bring your graphics to life with our range of LED display lightboxes. We have floor standing, wall mounted and suspended options in a huge range of sizes including A3, A2, A1 and A0 as well as many more. Ultra slim profile and bright LED lighting mean our feature packed lightboxes offer fantastic value for money. The slimline light boxes are available with indoor or outdoor options and have a light source that gives an even light distribution and an incredible 30,000 hours life. For the poster display lightboxes, changing the graphics is simple, with easy to use snap shut frames that require no tools. Perfect for point of sale display and can be supplied with or without printed graphics.

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  1. Desktop LED Backlit SEG Lightbox in A Sizes
    Tabletop LED Backlit SEG Lightbox A4-A1
    Price From £50.00
    • Countertop SEG lightbox display
    • Sleek 23mm profile frame
    • Bright low power LED backlighting
    • Choice of A4, A3, A2, and A1
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty
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Lightboxes Buyers Guide

You can bring posters to life with a bit of light, a fact marketing professionals have been aware of for years. Think of all the places you see Illuminated posters. Theatres, bars, restaurants, leisure centres, museums, the list goes on and on.

At Discount Displays, we have been selling light boxes for over 30 years. In the past backlit duratrans posters were illuminated by fluorescent tubes. The boxes themselves were chunky and required maintenance and duratrans were very expensive. Today with digital printing and LED light technology illuminated displays are more popular than ever. We have used our experience to give you some hints and tips to help you choose the right display to illuminate your posters. It can be quite hard to find light boxes searching online. You will normally see results for movie style light boxes. To find poster display lightboxes modify your search by adding terms like POS. Shop Poster, Snap Frame and you will find what you're looking for.

Where are you going to display your illuminated posters?

For outdoor use you need a light box that has been waterproofed. Using an indoor box outdoors could be dangerous and your graphics would be ruined.

Wall mounted light boxes obviously need to be single sided with fixing point to secure the box to a wall they will have front loading posters systems. Freestanding totem lightboxes need to be stable and are normally double sided.

Hanging or suspended poster light boxes use space that is sometimes neglected. A suspended light box could be something lightweight and simple like our free light plus. It is ceiling mounted and lit from your own store lighting or it could be a double side LED box which can hang in the windows of a hairdresser perhaps. The key is to have fittings in the top of the box, which allows chain or wires to be used to hang the display. A hanging light box needs to be strengthened so that it can be hung from a ceiling. Normally using chains.

Projecting light boxes are often used outside shops so that can be seen both ways down a high street. They tend to be made from strong aluminium to give a strong anchor point for wall mounting with LED as an option.

What is the best type of light source?

LED lights are now the go-to product for illuminated posters. They have always had many advantages over traditional tube type lightboxes but were expensive. Now the cost has become very competitive.

Advantages of LED lights:

  • They use a fraction of the power of fluorescent lighting
  • They last much longer (up to 50,000 hours)
  • Your carbon footprint is reduced
  • Space saving for slimmer boxes just 19mm in some designs
  • Safety - low voltage
  • Even light across your poster using edge-lit technology

What type of posters do you want to display in your lightbox?

Gone are the days of very expensive duratrans for adverting posters. The advent of digital print means one-off and short-run backlit posters are affordable. Seen side by side the difference between duratrans and digital print is almost indistinguishable and once you take into account cost and turnaround times, digital wins hand down. Backlit posters can be printed on polyester film or fabric material.

How to change your backlit posters?

Most poster light boxes have snap open frames. Changing graphics involves prising open the four sides removing a protective acrylic sheet and the poster inserting a new backlit poster, Add the cover sheet snap the sides shut and you're done. An alternative is using a fabric light box. Tensioned fabric backlit displays have a dye printed fabric graphic which has a silicon edging that press into a channel popular as retail displays.

What are backlit freestanding totems?

These are a popular product for exhibitions and showrooms. Because they have curved faces and tend to be double sided most still use fluorescent tube technology and backlit transparent posters.

What is the difference between frame and frameless lightboxes?

Snap shut display boxes have a thin aluminium fame which creates a picture frame around your graphics if you want a minimal frame illuminated displays the tensioned fabric light boxes are the solution. Edge lit signs lightbox for display. You may also like our LED window displays