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An exclusive range of quality affordable crowd control equipment including barriers and stanchions at great prices available for next day delivery. Best selling retractable barriers or traditional stanchions with ropes and posts made from stainless steel and engineered to last. Ideal for hotel receptions, banks leisure centres, airports, hotels, pedestrian security in retail outlets and banking crowd control.

Our range includes chrome crowd control posts and the industry leading Tensator pedestrian guidance range. Queue control made easy; call our experts for free advice 0844 800 1020 or order online for next day delivery. In Stock | Next Day Delivery | Safety Breaking System | Queue Control Barriers.

Retractable Barriers
Belt barrier stanchions available in a choice of styles and webbing designs.
Post and Rope Barriers
High quality stanchions with ropes to create sectioned off areas.
Post and Chain Barriers
Sturdy plastic posts and chain link in a variety of colours and base options.
Cafe barriers
Choice of outdoor cafe barrier systems with custom printed banners.
Tensator barriers
Wide range of floor standing and wall mounted Tensabarriers with various belt colours and messages.
Skipper Safety Barrier
The Skipper retractable barrier system is a unique all in one traffic management solution.

About Our Crowd Control Barriers

Our extensive range of barrier systems and portable crowd control barriers and pedestrian queue systems is constantly expanding so if you don't see what you want please call us on 0844 800 1020. We also have a dedicated page for Tensator barriers with a wide variety of products and options including chrome crowd control posts.

Our high quality crowd control solutions includes systems from well known brands Tensator, Queuemaster and Skipper barriers as well as our exclusive Discount Display Pro Q products.

The Discount Displays queue control range includes everything you would need to control pedestrian flow at concerts, in airports, leisure centres, retail outlets as well as industrial barriers essential for health and safety applications.

Barrier Types

Retractable belt barriers

A similar system to retractable safety belts you find in a car. These can either be floor standing like the ones you may have seen in airports or wall mounted retractable belt barriers where an access may be temporarily restricted in a museum for example.

Some retractable belt barriers are intended for indoor use only, while others may be used either indoors or outdoors. We also offer a range of robust industrial style retractable belt barrier that are intended for outdoor use only. These specialist outdoor banners are made from durable materials and tend to have heavier bases. For even greater visibility we have twin belt barriers and wide webbing barriers.

You can read our full retractable barrier guide for further information.

Tape Types

Most tapes are a standard 50mm deep with some exceptions where a deeper 150mm high visibility tape can be chosen. Tapes can either be plain in a choice of colours, have a pre printed safety message such as ‘Caution’ or ‘Keep Out’ or can be printed with you company brand.

Post and rope barriers

Traditional rope and post systems are still very popular. They comprise a free standing stanchion onto which a rope clips using a retractable spring clip. Often used in hotels, nightclubs and reception areas. Not as flexible as a retractable belt barrier since the ropes are a set length. Ropes are either a velvet finish or a braided style of barrier rope.

Post and chain

Plastic post and chain systems are an industrial barrier system to safely close off restricted areas. Plastic stanchions are striped for high visibility and bases are either water fillable, concrete base or made of robust bases. High visibility plastic chain hooks onto the stanchions.

Key Barrier Features

Belt tape lengths

Belt lengths vary between 1m to around 9m. The longer length barriers tend to need heavier posts but you can save money since you need fewer barriers. For changeable pedestrian queue control, shorter barriers gives you more flexibility to create different flow solutions.

Base weight and type

Cheaper barriers may have lighter bases that use concrete with a metal cover. The more expensive units will have a moulded base that is kinder to floors and offer greater stability. Outdoor units may have water filled bases for extra stability or rubber base for more durability.


Cheaper units ideal for indoor use will be made of mild steel, while more expensive units will be made of durable stainless steel which is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Safety brake system

Most quality barrier systems include a system that means when a belt is released it will slowly retract into the post to avoid any danger to bystanders.

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