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Tensator Barriers

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Tensator crowd control products, including Tensa barriers, are highly regarded as some of the best and safest in the marketplace. Ideal for queue control systems, the Tensabarrier has a unique patented retractable belt braking system, which means no accidents if the belt is accidentally released.

We are proud to be one of only a select few distributors of the Tensator range of barriers, with a huge range of stanchion post styles and webbing tape colours available. As well as the various retractable belt Tensa barriers, we also have a selection of wall mounted belt units that are great for creating cordoned off areas.

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  1. Best Seller Tensator Advance Economy Black Post / Red Belt
    Price from:
    Product Code: TENS-ADECO
    • Price is for a single post
    • Choice of 2.3m or 3.65m retractable belt length
    • High quality steel post
    • Unique belt braking system
    • Supplied ready assembled
    • 50mm wide Tensator® webbing
  2. 2.3m Retractable Belt Barrier - Black Post / Black Belt

    Product Code: RS-20-B-BK
    • Economy QueueWay barrier
    • Black post / 2.3m black belt
    • Belt braking system
    • Sturdy base with full floor protector
    • Tensator 2 year warranty
  3. Rollabarrier Tensabarrier 2.3m
    Price from:
    Product Code: TENS003
    • Wheeled queue management barrier
    • Rollabarrier Tensabarrier® 2.3m
    • Packed with premium features
    • Range of Post and Belt Colours
    • Stack up to 3 posts together
    • Wheeled for easy movement
  4. Tensabarrier Fixed & Removable Barrier
    Price from:
    Product Code: RS-30
    • Screw directly into floor
    • Permanent queue solution
    • Choice of post & tape colours
    • 2.3m or 3.65m belt length
    • Quality Tensabarrier® brand
    • 2 year hardware guarantee
  5. Best Seller Advance Tensabarrier® Retractable Barrier 2.3m - Red/Blue Post
    Price from:
    £76.00 was £108.00
    Product Code: TENS001-C
    • Advance Tensabarrier® - 2.3m
    • Red or blue metal post & cast iron base
    • Webbing available in 16 styles
    • Unique safe belt braking system
    • Low-profile base for accessibility
    • Comes pre-assembled
  6. Best Seller Advanced Tensabarrier - 2.3m
    Price from:
    £85.00 was £108.00
    Product Code: TENS001-S
    • Advance Tensabarrier® - 2.3m
    • Silver metal post & cast iron base
    • Webbing available in 16 styles
    • Slow release patented belt brake
    • Low-profile base for accessibility
    • No assembly required
  7. Best Seller Advanced Tensabarrier - 2.3m - Black Post - Red Tape
    Price from:
    £76.00 was £108.00
    Product Code: TENS001-B
    • Advance Tensabarrier® - 2.3m
    • Black metal post & cast iron base
    • Webbing available in 16 styles
    • Patented braking system for safety
    • Low-profile base for accessibility
    • Premium quality barrier system
    • Comes ready assembled
  8. Industrial Retractable Tensabarrier
    Price from:
    Product Code: TENS005
    • Choose high vis red or yellow steel post finishes
    • 2.3m long webbing
    • Webbing can be printed with chevrons or safety message
    • Black plastic anti-scuff base
  9. Outdoor Event Barriers

    Product Code: TENS007
    • Outdoor barrier with 3.65m belt
    • Choice of uPVC post colours
    • Fillable base - water or sand
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • Perfect for outdoor events
  10. Portable Retractable Barrier
    Price from:
    £68.00 was £85.00
    Product Code: TENS006
    • Outdoor heavy-duty barrier
    • 3.65m retractable webbing
    • Post available in 5 colours
    • Heavy-duty recycled base
    • Stackable for easy storage
    • Post can be separated from base
    • Post height: 960mm
  11. Retractable Safety Barriers
    Price from:
    Product Code: TENS004
    • Retractable safety barrier
    • Red or yellow post colours
    • Anti-scuff base
    • 2.3m or 3.65m retractable belts
    • Selection of webbing colours
    • 970mm post height
  12. Extra wide Polished Chrome Barrier
    Price from:
    £115.50 was £160.00
    Product Code: TENS002
    • Slim profile cast iron base
    • 2m long retractable barrier
    • Triple width 150mm webbing
    • Range of post and webbing colours
    • 4 way anti tamper connector
    • 2-year Tensator Guarantee
  13. Tensabarrier® Popular Post with 2.3m Retractable Belt

    Product Code: TENS018
    • Cost effective Tensator barrier
    • Plastic post with a choice of 3 finishes
    • Choose from 11 belt styles
    • 2.3m long retractable belt
    • Heavy duty cast iron base
    • Durable woven Polyester webbing
  14. Heavy-duty twin belt barrier
    Price from:
    Product Code: RS-QM550TW
    • Outdoor Dual Belt Barrier
    • UV resistant plastic post
    • 3.65m tape so fewer post needed
    • Heavy-duty recycled rubber base
    • 2-year Tensator guarantee
  15. Retractable Safety Barrier System - Black

    Product Code: TENS013
    • ESD retractable barrier system
    • Choose black or yellow steel post
    • Black anti-scuff base for stability
    • 2.3m long webbing with printed wording "ESD Protected Area"
    • 4 way anti-tamper connection
  16. In Queue Merchandising Baskets
    Price from:
    Product Code: TENS012
    • 4 transparent merchandise bowls
    • Easy access to large capacity bowls
    • 342mm diameter stable base
    • 1.2m high
    • Scratch resistant polycarbonate bowls
  17. Best Seller Economy crowd control barrier
    Price from:
    Product Code: RS-20
    • Economy crowd control barrier
    • Pair of barriers with long 2.3m belts
    • 2 base and 4 belt options
    • Sturdy filled base with full floor protector
    • Tensator 2 year warranty

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We have put together a great range of high-quality Tensator products including Tensa barriers, in queue merchandising systems, writing surfaces and retractable Tensator wall mounted units. We have a large selection of crowd control systems in our barrier warehouse and we buy our Tensa barriers direct from Tensator to ensure we can offer as many configurations as possible.

Many of our Tensabarriers include patented centrifugal braking systems on the retractable belts, which means they are released slow and steady making them one of the safest crowd control barrier systems on the market. As well as this they are packed with other features such as 4 way anti tamper connections on the Tensabarriers and a variety of both post and webbing colours. Some of our Tensator barriers also have the option for printed message on the webbing, making them ideal for health and safety environments. Printed Tensa webbing messages include no entry, authorised access only and caution do not enter on both sides of the Tensa retractable belts.

Part of our range of crowd control and queue barriers.