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Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Our wall mounted digital signs are a great way to display a dynamic or static message; text, images, audio, video, and even websites. Being super simple to wall mount means you can save valuable floor space, and gives your screen great visibility. Ideal as a menu at restaurants, welcome screens in receptions or information displays in showrooms.

We have wall mounted digital displays in a variety of styles and sizes, to book a demonstration at our Croydon office of one of our screens please call 0844 800 1020 or use our contact form to arrange.

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  1. 32", 43", 50" or 55" Screen size
    All-in-one Digital Restaurant Display
    Price From £499.00
    • Free 1 year software license
    • Multi screen synchronisation
    • Plug and Play or network
    • Narrow bezel
    • Easy use template library
  2. Sizes ranging from 19"-55"
    Wall Mounted Digital Display
    Price From £480.00
    • 6 sizes from 19"-55"
    • Super-slim wall mount
    • Tablet style design
    • Remote control over server
    • Android media player
  3. Bright screen with vibrant colours
    22" - 65" Wall Mounted Digital Poster
    Price From £1,510.00
    • Lockable Wall Mount
    • Landscape or portrait orientation
    • Built-in cabling channel
    • 3 year hardware guarantee
    • Screen sizes from 22" - 65"
  4. Tablet style design
    Wall Mounted Plug and Play Digital Display
    Price From £340.00
    • 6 Screen size options
    • Free wall mount
    • Portrait or landscape mounting
    • Enhanced brightness and contrast
    • Integrated media player
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Here at Discount Displays, we are able to offer you a range of screen sizes from just 19 inches all the way up to 65. This means depending on the intended use you can be assured we are able to help you find the best possible screen.

Examples of use: Digital signage can be seen in use at many places, including; showrooms, cinemas, hotels, conferences, exhibitions, street advertising, airports, restaurants, and fast food establishments.

Content: There are two options of how to upload and control the content on the screen. these are Plug and Play, and Networked. Plug and Play has the simplicity of simply uploading your content and created playlists to a USB stick and then plugging said USB stick into the screen's USB input, once uploaded to the integrated Android media player, your content will be displayed and you are good to go. A Networked option allows for a fully customisable experience, as due to the ability to connect to the internet the screen will be able to display web pages, be controlled over the cloud, and be managed from anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is present. A great example of the networked screen in use is restaurants and fast food establishments, as our menu board option can be synchronised showing exactly what you want when you want and in synchronisation with another menu(s) great for changes throughout the day.

Furthermore, you may choose to use the screen's display inputs (if applicable) allowing you to view an external PC or media player.

Outdoor options: Our outdoor version is great for advertisements, information points, restaurants, and cinemas as it is designed to provide great resilience and durability in all weather conditions, featuring an IP65 weatherproof rating, and perfect for use in public areas with an Ultra Bright screen, and vandal proofing.

If you feel a wall mounted solution is not best suited to you we have many other Digital Signage options available here