4 Things To Think About When Organising Outdoor Events

While outdoor events bring a different set of opportunities to indoor exhibitions, they also come with a whole new set of challenges. At indoor events, deciding what to wear is relatively simple – you want to dress formally enough, without looking out of place, and you want to wear layers in case the venue is excessively warm, or shiveringly cold.

Whether you’re representing your company at a car fair, an extreme sports event, or at an outdoor market, there are a few things you should consider during your preparations:

1) Bring the basics

Bring a display first aid kit – this should at the very least include heavy duty string, poster-putty, tape, scissors, zip ties, and permanent markers. Consider every possible ‘worst case’ scenario then pack the tools to fix the issues.

2) Consider the weather and prepare!

When ordering promotional materials, remember that the weather may not be perfect – a paper banner or cardboard cut-out may be rendered useless if there’s heavy rainfall on the day of the event. It should go without saying that you should keep an eye on the weather forecast. However, don’t trust it! Arriving at the event prepared for anything the skies can throw at you will enable you to focus on what really matters – representing your business.

3) Dress appropriately

Think weatherproof when designing your displays, but also when you’re deciding on an outfit. Adequate footwear is essential, as you’re unlikely to be able to be as positive and helpful as you’d like if your shoes and socks are soaked through. Even if you expect the weather to be good, have a rainproof jacket (one which maintains your professional appearance) at the ready. At the opposite end of the spectrum, be prepared for sunshine. Neither dehydration nor sunburn are fun, and they won’t make you look particularly professional – sun cream and plenty of water are both musts.

4) Make your display stand out

Making sure you stand out in the great outdoors can be more of a challenge than at indoor trade shows. The environment is less controlled, and techniques such as lighting will not be effective in drawing attention to your stand. Making a bold statement with your choice of display is key here. Vibrant outdoor banners are a great way to do this.