5 Ways to Promote Your Trade Show Using Social Networking

Social networking has revolutionised the way people communicate these days, and it is rare to see anyone without a smartphone within arms reach. No longer do the general populous look to their yellow pages, or newspaper, it’s straight to their pocket information super highway.

You can use this virtual grapevine to market your business, and it is a boundless (and cheap) way to drum up custom for your trade stand, and then bolster any contacts you make. Here are 5 ways to make social networking work for your trade show.

1.    Twitter

Hashtag your way onto the peoples’ radars.  Before attending your trade show, search to see if there is a Twitter hashtag for the event. Use Twitter to attract interest in your company. With over 500 million people registered with Twitter, subscribers can follow (and create) the current trends. You and your customers can tweet about your products, services and events, which will gain you more publicity. During the trade show, you can tweet to offer discounts, giving trade show goers a good reason to choose to visit your stand.

2.    Youtube

Take your trade stand to the world by uploading a short video of your display and sales pitch on Youtube.  If it grabs trade show goers’ attention, it will give them a reason to visit your stand, whilst also allowing those not in attendance to view what you have to offer.

3.    LinkedIn

A great way to make and maintain business contacts is through LinkedIn. This Social networking site is exclusively for professionals and is often used by trade shows and expo halls to post about upcoming events and exhibitors. Not only can this network keep you in contact with those who visited your trade stand, it can also act as an introductory link to mutual contacts.

4.    Instagram

There is no doubt that pictures often speak louder than words, and Instagram is a fabulous way to share the excitement and vitality of your trade stand. Use your smart phone to take a photo of your stand, add a filter to get the desired look and then share it with subscribers. Like Twitter, you can hashtag your photo to share with other users at the same event.

5.    Facebook

Spread information about your business through your facebook contacts. Facebook is phenomenal in spreading the word as it not only informs your own contacts, but informs your contacts contacts too.  Ask visitors of your stand to become ‘friends’ on facebook or ‘like’ your page then all your updates will automatically be sent to them.