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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, Use Your Display Space Wisely

If a picture paints a thousand words then it’s a very noisy world out there. We are all bombarded with thousands of images each and every day – news articles, internet memes and advertisements. Even in relatively contained spaces such as fairs or exhibitions it’s the same story with the volume turned up.

So use your available exhibition stand display space wisely. Be realistic – it is just not going to be possible to show all your prospective clients everything that they might want, in every colour scheme you do. But actually that’s ok. Looking at a confused collection of images can leave your potential customers confused or – worse – thinking they’ve seen you offer something you haven’t.

Begin by accepting that you can’t showcase everything, and decide what impression you want to give – this is your introduction to your potential clients. Your brand identity is important – logo, typefaces etc – make sure they are memorable and recognisable, so that the customer knows who you are. A well designed large scale banner is useless if it doesn’t clearly say it is yours. Think about what your ‘best’ products are. These might not necessarily be your top end items, or even your biggest sellers, but what you are looking for here is a product image that very clearly says “this is us, and this is what we do.”

Once you’ve decided on a product however, make sure you use the best possible image of your best possible sample!

Remember your audience doesn’t necessarily know what they are looking at. To you it’s obvious. And you know it comes in eight different colours and three different finishes. Consider whether a stranger will recognise what you are trying to say. Words – real ones – are absolutely fine to enhance a picture but do be brief as people just won’t have time to read a lengthy piece. Use your space well too. Once you have decided on your product images give them space to tell their story for you. It sounds obvious but bear in mind what is going to be at eye level, and what may be less noticeable.

So instead of a thousand words, pick a few good ones and enunciate them beautifully!