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Amazing Christmas Window Displays 2017

It’s so critical for retailers to drive traffic to the store and then ultimately try to get you into the store, even if it means doing things the old-fashioned way. Using windows and holiday displays, and turning it into a tradition to make it have everlasting life will help do this. While shoppers are locking in big gifts earlier than ever in November, procrastinators are purchasing closer to Christmas as the expectation of two-day shipping increases. Christmas Day itself is likely to be the busiest mobile shopping day of the year. Last year, nearly two-thirds of online purchases made on Christmas Day were carried out using a smartphone so every day leading up to it is a chance to market your products.

As you know we are now well and truly within the Christmas period and whilst we do our last-ditch Christmas shopping we come across some truly festive window displays. This is the busiest shopping season of the year and retailers are doing everything possible to attract you to their store. That’s why in this blog we look at some of the fascinating storefronts that really make us stop in our tracks to admire them.

Harvey Nichols

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First off, we have this colourful and vibrant storefront from Harvey Nichols. 300,000 sequins, 600 mirror balls and a million glitter flakes were used in the making of this display. The end result certainly captures the excess and sparkle associated with Christmas.

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It’s probably the most famous store in the world, with its gargantuan building and iconic green and gold bags. With Christmas around the corner, you’d expect them more than anyone to pull off the spectacular.

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Displays include some traditional touches – from the red and gold colour palette to Christmas trees – alongside a beautifully decorated gingerbread house which you can see below.

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Macy’s has opted for childhood nostalgia over sparkle with this Charlie Brown display. A series of charming scenes, some even interactive which could point out the future of where storefronts are heading as visitors can actually pay a very small fee to receive advice from Brown’s friend Lucy.

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The windows have proved hugely popular, with hundreds of shoppers posting pictures outside the store. This truly is a great marketing strategy from Macy’s that has worked effectively to attract shoppers.

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You may not have heard of these guys so to fill you in.  Bloomingdale’s is America’s only nationwide, full-line, upscale department store. With an enduring international reputation for quality, creativity and uniqueness, all 3 of which can be demonstrated with their shop fronts below.

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Bloomingdales Designs offer a contemporary take on some familiar festive imagery. Their windows were designed to stimulate the five senses, one features a pine-scented Christmas tree, while others house peppermint candies and a chiming reindeer sculpture.

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For thousands of families, going to see the windows is something that has become a tradition and been passed down from generation to generation. Macy’s windows have become an iconic, important tourist visit and who doesn’t want to head to Harrods before Christmas to be amazed at what’s on display.  Also if you see any Christmas themed windows that blow you away, share it with us in the comments or send us a picture on twitter: @displayexperts and we’ll include it in our list for next year!