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Are The More Expensive Central Locations Worth The Extra Cost In An Exhibition?

I’ve written before about how important traffic flow to and from your exhibition displays and banners is of the utmost importance but as you will know all too well the best places in exhibition halls are already known by the people running the hall and they will charge you accordingly, so that brings up the question of whether or not the extra costs are justified.


The real answer is that it entirely depends upon the specific situation that you find yourself in and how much more you will be charged for the more prime locations on the show floor. If the asking price is not too much higher than you would be spending anyway then you should not have any need to worry about the worth as the risk of wasting the money is far smaller than the possible gain from having a more prominent placement. The bigger risk in this case is that you prepare a wonderful display stand but nobody sees it and therefore you have wasted all of the money and effort that has been pumped into the display.

Now on the other hand if you are paying a large sum of money to move a few inches nearer to the centre of the room then you are gambling that you will be able to offset this liability by the added footfall. A good rule of thumb on cost is to look at how much of the proportion of the cost of the whole exhibition setup you will be spending on the upgrade, if it is taking too much of the pie then you should try to make the most of the more humble placement by leaning into your smaller and more personable position next to the fancier stands that are your new found neighbours.