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Booth Babes – A Good or Bad Idea at a Trade Show?

As you may or may not be aware, the subject of ‘Booth Babes’ has pretty much divided the trade fair industry into several schools of thought. Some people see it all as a bit of harmless fun; others view it as a clever marketing ploy, whilst a few deem it to be yet another exploitation of the fairer sex. Whatever your views on the subject, it is certainly a hot topic and it has also had a great deal of coverage in the press.
Booth Babes IGN


Of course, if you have decided that a Booth Babe could help to get your company noticed by more visitors at exhibitions, then you will have to allow for it in your budget – and the chances are that hiring one or more of these ladies will be quite an expensive business… Attractive women can certainly generate extra interest at your stand, but only you can decide if it will be a financially viable option. Even if a hired model does succeed in drumming-up some extra trade, then will you be able to afford to foot the bill?


When it comes to the moral ethics of using ‘eye candy’ at shows and whether or not Booth Babes really do make a sizeable difference to a company’s sales, the jury is still very much out. Essentially it all comes down to the opinions, ideals and overall attitudes of the individual. Or at least it does for the time being as there has already been talk of new legislation being introduced at some point in the future…


However, before hiring a curvaceous model to ‘advertise’ your products, it may be worth asking yourself what the majority of your potential clients will be most interested in – hearing more about what your company has to offer or trying to get this lovely young lady’s phone number. There is also the chance that some potential clients will be offended when they see women being ‘used’ in this ‘carrot and stick’ manner. So this is something else that should be considered carefully before you get too serious about ringing around any modelling agencies…