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Choosing The Right Exhibition Stand

Choosing the right equipment: portable exhibition displays or modular stand?

When planning the layout of your exhibition stan,d one of the first things to consider is how much space you are going to need or can you afford. Where’s the best location in the exhibition hall?  What exhibition equipment do you need; are portable exhibition displays the right thing to go for? What staff will you need to man the stand?

When deciding all these issues remember your goals. If you are selling products direct from the stand or doing demonstrations, the look and feel will be very different to a corporate ‘meet the buyers’ stand.

What type of exhibition equipment should you go for. A lot depends on budget, especially if you go for a fully custom designed and built exhibition stand or a portable exhibition display. Much of what you could only previously achieve with a custom built exhibition stand can now be attained for a fraction of the price using portable display systems.

The advantages of portable display systems over custom built solutions are:

  • Reduce capital cost: portable exhibition display systems are a fraction of the cost of custom built or modular exhibition stands
  • Your exhibition stand is ready to use  in days rather than weeks
  • You can see and test the exhibition display equipment before you buy
  • Portable display systems by their definition are designed to pack up quickly and be easy to ship
  • Lower transport costs: portable stands are small and lightweight
  • Lightweight banners stands can be sent to a show by courier or even be taken on aircraft
  • Most portable banner systems will fit in the boot of a car
  • Installation: all systems are chosen for their ease of use. Even the most complex portable systems are simple to put up.
  • Choosing the right combinations of stands means you can use the same equipment time and time again regardless of the exhibition space you have available. Just freshen it up with new exhibition graphics when you change your marketing message