Discount Displays Pledge Tools and Products for UK SMEs

Discount Displays, the exhibition graphics and display stands specialist, has pledged to help the UK’s army of small businesses to capitalise on their resurgent economic confidence with a series of useful tools and value products designed specifically for SMEs.

Statistics from the Federation of Small Business (FSB) reveal that there were 4.8 million firms in the UK at the start of 2012. Of these, 99.9% could be classified as micro (0-9 employees), small (10-49 employees) and medium (50 – 249 employees). In its most recent Voice of Small Business Index, which measures business sentiment and confidence, found that a massive 45% of SMEs has moderate growth aspirations for 2013 while 7% targeted rapid growth through the year. Overall, small business confidence was measured at 18.8 points higher than in 2011, when the double dip recession started to bite.

Tim Fuller, managing director of Discount Displays said, “It is abundantly clear that micro and small businesses are the engine that drives the UK economy forward. They provide vital employment opportunities and are a major driving force in sustaining communities around the country. Having read the FSB Index and talked to small business owners ourselves, we were keen to use our expertise in exhibition graphics, design and marketing, to help small businesses act on their optimism.”

The Discount Displays Blog is a treasure trove of how-to articles and expert insight from promotion and marketing experts. It acts as a no-cost knowledge base for any SME marketing director and is regularly updated with posts which will help any company on a budget to make their PR, promotion and marketing efforts make a bigger impact for a lower spend. Recent guides and tips have focused on getting more out of free resources such as Google+ for Business, building an email list, getting more footfall at events, how to assess and choose the most appropriate banner stands and display stands and tutorials on assembling folding stands.

Along with this free online resource library, Discount Displays also offers a series of budget exhibition solutions including high-quality low cost display stands and offers on essentials such as rigid display graphic panels.

Mr Fuller added, “We have just invested in a new content team to keep our marketing blog up to date with interesting, informative and useful guides and help sheets for SME marketers. This area will be continually added to, forming a one-stop knowledge centre that can be explored and implemented for free. We will also be recruiting expert guest editors and bloggers to share their expertise with the UK’s small businesses so they can keep on top of the latest technologies and best practise without having to sift through reams of data.

“We are committed to making 2013 a success and our budget and small business product ranges will continue to expand. Our special offers, bulk discounts and savings can be accessed throughout the year and our team are always on hand to advise on any of our products, from the best format for exhibition graphics to the suitability of any of our displays stands.”