Does Your Trade Fair Exhibition Plan Fit Today’s Reality?

The economy may have taken a big bite out of your trade fair exhibition budget over the past three years, but with trade fair attendance in 2010 and 2011 on the rise, many companies are finding its time to get their show on the road again.

Now is the perfect time for marketers to renew their trade fair exhibition planning and re-examine how their trade fair marketing goals can contribute again to their bottom line:

Trade Fair Selection – which trade fairs you decide to attend should reflect how your organization and your customer base might have changed over the past three years.  You may have abandoned unprofitable product lines or entered new markets – does your list of trade fairs reflect these changes?  You should examine each trade fair on your schedule to ensure it still meets your needs and gets your company in front of the right audience.

Marketing Goals – if your company’s product and market focus has changed in the last few years, you need to ensure that your exhibition marketing objectives align with the overall marketing goals of your company.

Marketing Budget – if your trade fair budget was severely cut in recent years and the current budget has only been partially restored, you should re-examine every aspect of your exhibition budget to be sure it is being spent wisely.

Exhibit Design – if you stopped attending trade fairs and exhibitions, chances are that your old exhibition stand is now off-message and out of date.   Rather than trying to make the old pieces fit your new reality, it may be time to consult with a good exhibition stand design company to see what a new exhibition stand design can do for you.  There have been many new developments in exhibition stand design that can make an investment in a new trade fair booth cost-effective.

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