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Economy Banner Stands are False Economy

There is a very big difference between saving yourself some money and shooting yourself squarely in the foot – and buying ‘economy’ banner stands would most definitely fit into the latter bracket. These cut price kits mayappear to do exactly the same as their full price counterparts, but in reality they are woefully inferior. Unfortunately, most people will not realise the awful truth of this until it is far too late to do anything about it. Only after parting with their money will they discover that their ‘bargain banners’ are, in actual fact, a genuine pig in a poke (much like one of those cheap packs of pencils which immediately snap every time they are sharpened!).

99.9% of economy banner stands will feature lackluster graphics, they will be constructed with substandard materials and their components will be very shoddily put together. And it goes without saying that this low level of quality is not what most serious exhibitors are looking for. Not only will these products have a painfully short lifespan, but they will often prove to be a real pain to use before they finally do give up the ghost. With economy banners, features such as flimsiness, tackiness and total unreliability will all come fitted as standard…

However, here at Discount Displays it is a whole different story altogether! We are proud of our banner stands for two very good reasons – 1) They have been designed and constructed to a very high standard and 2) They actually cost very little more than so-called ‘economy’ versions. So when you purchase a banner stand from our range you can always be sure that it will be sturdy, reliable and visually impressive. But then again, the same can be said about any of our products. After all, if we were to supply our customers with poorly made items, then it wouldn’t be long before word got around… and this would basically mean that we had succeeded in shooting ourselves squarely in the foot!

Good quality will sometimes cost a little bit more, but it doesn’t need to be a whole lot more – especially when you are shopping for your banner stands at Discount Displays.