Get Your Company Noticed

All the marketing talk these days seems skewed towards the internet: search engine advertising, the various social media channels, blogs – you name it. While that’s just fine, and an increasingly important part of being in modern-day business, companies often forget that there is a real, live world out there, full of people walking about and always on the lookout for a deal. Capturing their attention with vibrant banners and other printed promotional materials remains one of the most effective ways of generating new sales.

Large format printing creates big displays that dynamically convey your marketing message to passers-by, whether it’s in general public areas or business settings, such as exhibitions and trade shows. Let’s look at some leading ways you can design your banners so that they give your message the maximum impact and you get the highest possible return on your investment.

The golden rule in designing advertising for outdoors, as well as large indoor spaces, is that less truly is more. Clutter up your banner with all manner of text and images and people won’t give it a second look. Remember, you only have one chance to make a big impression – and that chance lasts a few fleeting seconds.

Therefore, what you really only need to focus on is a short and simple message, an image and your logo. That’s about it. Consider using a clever pun – people love a play on words, and if your message brings a smile to their faces, they’re more likely to remember it. Be bold – with your typeface, so that people far away can see it.

Want to create an impression that your product is far superior to that of your competitors? Then go minimalist and just put a simple message on a white background – no images at all. Most people will immediately think what you’re offering is high quality and be more likely to buy.

Finally, you don’t want to go to all this marketing trouble and expense for it to fall flat on its face and leave your company red-faced – if it’s full of typos and other errors. So have a number of people look at your artwork and text and proofread it to death! When advertising yourself to the world, nothing says “unprofessional” quite like spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Then hang your new creation in a prime spot and show yourself off with pride.