Make Great Use of Giveaways at an Exhibition

People love to get something for nothing, therefore having giveaways at your stand is a fantastic way to get them to head over and see exactly what your company is all about. It isn’t as simple as placing some pens and key rings on a table though and hoping people take a couple – instead, it is something that should be thought about carefully and planned. This blog post will give you a better idea of how to maximise results through your exhibition giveaways, and therefore gain more leads and sales in the process!

Be Unique

There are going to be many different exhibitors at the exhibition you attend, and the chances are many of them will be giving away free gifts. What works to your advantage though is that most will be giving away the same generic stuff – pens, USB sticks, key rings – therefore meaning that you can gazump their offerings quite easily. By thinking of something unique, you’ll be able to ensure that your free gift sticks in their mind for ages after the show, plus it will draw people in who are desperate to get what you have to offer.

Use Psychology

When it comes to retail, there is a well-known psychological theory called the “reciprocity effect”. This states that, when you give someone something, they feel compelled to give something back to you – even if they don’t actually realise it. Therefore, as soon as you place their gift in their hands, start pushing your pitch on them. With any luck, this natural compulsion will lead them to at least provide their details, and at best make a purchase there and then!

Keep “Running Out”

Most people don’t like standing out from the crowd, therefore they want the reassurance that others are also taking the free gifts being offered. If they head over to your stand and see that you are still crammed full of gifts, they will naturally assume that your gifts are not popular and will be less inclined to take one. If there are only one or two left though, they’ll make sure they grab them straight away, just in case they miss their chance and because the popularity means that the gifts must be amazing! So, place a fraction of your stock out and make people constantly think you are running low.

Make the Giveaways Targeted

You will undoubtedly know your target audience already, and you should also know the kinds of things they will want. If you provide something that is useful to them, they will be reminded of you every single time they use it. So, for example, if your target audience is students, you could give away branded bottle openers, or for a target audience consisting of new mothers, you could give away baby bottles – things that are used every day.

Branding is Key

A short but vital point to finish: make sure you have your name and contact details on everything. That way, recipients will forever be able to contact you when they need your services.