Posters from the 1950s found in Tube station

Workman renovating Notting Hill tube station discovered a display of vibrant posters, which give a fascinating insight into the capital’s past.

The colourful posters were found on the walls of an old passageway which led to the lifts at the station, but during the 1950s the lifts were taken out and replaced with escalators.

More than ten posters were found in total with some advertising a selection of films being shown nearby. The dates of the films suggest the posters were put up in the late 1950s.

Films advertised included ‘Too Many Crooks’ which was released in 1959, the film featured George Cole as the hopeless leader of an unsuccessful gang.

Another poster was for ‘The Horse’s Mouth’ which was released in 1958, the poster describes the film as the ‘1959 Royal Performance Film,’ indicating it was seen by members of the Royal family.

The posters are a good indication of the style of art used to catch the eye of busy passersby. A unique advertising style was developed in the fifties, which moved away from the propaganda put out during World War II.

Through poster printing designers and advertisers were given the chance to attract consumers to cinematic treats and the other consumer goods on offer.

Howard Collins, chief operating officer for London Underground told the Daily Mail: “This is a truly incredible find. Heritage is a huge part of the London Underground’s identity and these 1950s vintage posters show what a rich history the London Tube has.”

The posters have yet to be removed in an effort to keep the vintage signs in their original state.

“Until we can find a way to remove the posters without damaging them, these delicate historical pieces will remain where they were found. We will ensure that they are kept secure and well looked after,” added Mr Collins.