Tips For Promoting Your Event

How to get more people to your event

As leading suppliers of event, exhibition and trade show equipment for over 25 years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge on how to get the most out of your event, and in this article we will be sharing some of our industry tips on how to promote your event and increase attendees, whilst also heighten brand awareness.
Exhibition equipment such as display stands, banner frames and large format printed graphics are just one part of a successful event. It is more important now than ever before to make the most of social media to promote your event. The best part of this is many of these techniques can be done quickly and for little or no outlay other than time.

1. Your Company Website

Advertise the event on your home page with a link to a separate page on the site. This is an important way of drawing attention to your event with people who are already interested in your product or service. Implementing an online sign up form is beneficial for committing people to attending your event. Get this set up early even if you don’t have a full list of acts or times etc, you can have a “send me more info” button.

2. Using Social Media

The secret to this powerful tool is to get word of mouth referrals. If you tell 5 people and they each tell 5 people who in turn tell 5 people after 8 steps you have told nearly 80,000 people! Make it easy by giving them the text and a pre-shortened link, using a service like tinyurl, to your event homepage or registration page that they can copy and paste to Twitter and Facebook. For Twitter users, add a hashtag phrase to brand individual tweets about your event. This lets Twitter users (and you) easily see who else is tweeting about the event. Keep tweeting whenever you have fresh news, a new act or special guest.

3. Blogs

Interlinked with social media as you can promote your content through your social media channels. This could be both your own blog and others within your industry. Look for influencers who can get your promotion seen and shared. You can also search for blogs related to your industry, product or service and narrow your focus on people who would have an inherent interest in your event. Try writing an article that is informative, but also includes the details of your event and see if another blog would like to host it as guest content. You could also look at purchasing an advertising banner for visual promotion. If you have your own blog use this to promote your blog and update after the event with pictures and a review.

4. Use Email

If you have an email list, use it to send a series of emails prior to the event. The first email sent out in plenty of time could be a simple invitation, to create awareness and highlight any key features of your event. Make it personal, keep it short and to the point but sell it to them “A great day out for the whole family” is a good example of this. You could ask them to pre-register on your event homepage and give them an incentive, maybe “Free entry to our prize draw”.
Nearer the event, say the week before, send a follow up email. A new invitation for those who have not registered with an attention grabbing headline; “Only 2 days left” “10 seats left”. Also send a reminder to the people who have already registered.

5. Partners

Your suppliers and other business links can provide crucial information on the best upcoming events, events you might not know about and past experiences of any events you’re thinking of attending. They can also advertise on their website for you if you are selling their product, or if you have a link with a charity they could advertise on their site giving you exposure and awareness. Many places also have trade show calendars with lists of upcoming events.

For more exhibiting advice you can download our free exhibition guide and for helpful product advice you can call our friendly team of display experts on 0844 800 1020.