Top 10 Benefits of Digital Signage on the High Street

We’re big fans of digital signage at Discount Displays. Dynamic, eye-catching and easier than ever to create content for. Today we’re looking at the top ten benefits for digital signage when used on the high street.

1. Inexpensive content creation

Digital signage is far cheaper than traditional print, which means your marketing budget stretches much further.

You don’t require the economies of scale that print needs. One person can easily create a digital campaign, there is no need for print design, print production, distribution and installation as well as the added hassle of disposal of print in a sustainable way.

Digital signage is also the perfect long-term advertising solution, digital displays can change content within seconds, without going through the whole printing process again and again.

2. Run geo-targeted campaigns

Fast content creation and instant distribution mean you can run campaigns targeted specifically at a local market.

A localised special offers might be a great seller in Brighton but less popular in Leeds. This means you can create target marketing campaigns for every area you operate in, at a low cost.

Fast content is essential in sectors such as estate agents daily operations because house prices and properties regularly change by postcode. Our digital rod window displays offer a quick, high tech, hassle-free, digital advertising solution to this problem.

If a competitor catches you out with a special offer you can respond instantly to match or compete with them. Another advantage is the ability to split test and fine-tune your message before a nationwide launch.

3. Short lead times

Traditional marketing involves design, print, distribution and installation. You could easily be looking at 6 weeks from concept to launch. The same creative ideas can be in front of your customers in just minutes using digital signage at a fraction of the cost.

4. You can change the message depending on the time of day or day of the week.

Don’t just run campaigns and offers on a geographical basis you can also schedule and display adds on an hourly basis. Breakfast special or lunchtime offers in a restaurant is a great example of this in use.

On a store by store basis if you are having a quiet day run a special for the next hour or next 10 customers who place an order. Digital software such as the CMS allows users to create playlists, which means multiple displays can be shown to customers within a short space of time.

5. Digital signs increase sales

With vibrant images and video plus target messages, the dwell time of digital signs is significantly longer than posters or other printed POS. High-quality graphics and state of art videos are going to catch customers attention and stay in their long-term memory As a result, their use can lead to an increase in direct sales.

6. Engage with your customers

Digital signage can be interactive especially when you use the latest touch screen displays. Ideas are endless. Surveys covering customer service or the latest products.

Data collection campaigns using a sign up form that sends customers a discount code.

Interactive videos and quizzes can also be a great way to grab customers attention.

7. Cross channel marketing

Digital marketing on social media channels and online advertising can be tied in with your in-store digital screens using the same or modified creative material so that you are projecting a unified message.

Digital screens can reinforce your online message providing familiarity to shoppers when they are in store thus building your brand.

8. Test your marketing ideas quickly

Digital screens can allow you to be more adventurous with your marketing message without committing a sizeable chunk of your budget.

Because you can put up and take down different ads at the click of a button, you can be extremely effective in testing which marketing messages work best. Over time, you can hone your digital screen marketing strategy accordingly. 

9. Reduces administration cost

The upfront costs are more than traditional marketing, but the investment is quickly recouped when you consider the savings in content creation, production, distribution and installation of traditional media.

Also if you are using a networked solution you are in control so there is no time spent checking that individual store has followed your plan and are sticking to your brand rules. One person can launch a campaign rather than using up the time of store personnel.

10. Moving images

Static posters and signs have their place but moving images and video can be more engaging especially with today’s digital-savvy audience. Digital signage software makes the creation of moving messages simple. Even a simple slide show using zoom and animations can improve the experience and retention of the viewer.

Further information and guides to the best digital signage solutions can be found on our web site. What do you think the top 10 benefits of digital signage are? We would love to hear your feedback! Let us know in the comments below.