Using Advanced Technology for Better Printing Results

Getting high quality print results involves constantly investing in the latest printing equipment and researching printing processes. The latest batch of printing equipment enables large format printers to expand their range and potential projects.At Discount Displays when creating quality graphics and exhibition displays for commercial customers, we use some of the most cutting-edge technology available. Printers, die cutters and laminators all combine to create graphics and printed materials of the highest quality for a vast array of purposes.

Epson Printer

In recent weeks, we have found our printing equipment being used for a variety of interesting and unique purposes, not least the flash mob organised by the ‘Enough Food IF’ campaign, which took place in Parliament Square. In the run up to the recent budget, five hundred campaigners gathering in Parliament Square wearing George Osborne masks and carrying printed briefcases, urging the chancellor to keep overseas spending aid firmly in his mind when considering his budget.

© Andrew Aitchison / IF Campaign
© Andrew Aitchison / IF Campaign

The briefcase images which formed part of the hard-hitting flash mob were printed onto Correx corrugated plastic using Discount Displays’ HP Scitex FB500 UV Flatbed printer. This direct-to-panel printer is an all-around display and signage printer capable of producing stunning high resolution images and graphics at low prices. The fast turnaround time is ideal for those who need graphics and display pieces as a matter of urgency, and the full colour images can be printed to a whole range of different materials, including acrylic, Foamex, Dibond, wood, stainless steel and the Correx which was used in the recent flash mob.

To equip the faux-Chancellors with their briefcases, 86 sheets measuring 8′ x 4′ were printed and then cut to shape using Discount Displays’ Zund Camera Controlled Multi-Purpose Digital Die Cutter. A high-tech addition to the large format printing armoury that Discount Displays is amassing, the multi-purpose cutter makes use of some of the most advanced camera technology in order to cut an almost unlimited array of shapes and styles. Not only can the die cutter cut in straight lines, it can also be used to cut paper, fabric and banner PVC into many complex shapes; perfect for window graphics, stickers, life-size cutouts and any other complicated silhouettes that might be required.

The entire process of creating the printed exhibition graphics for the briefcases was completed in just four days, and as the ‘IF’ campaign is one which is able to run from generous donations from members and supporters, they found Discount Displays‘ to have the highest quality for the lowest price.