What Can We Learn From Google?

Looking for inspiration for your exhibitions is a simple as finding someone or an organisation that you think have created a wonderful exhibition and look at what they do best and take a few of their trump cards for your own.

For example today I’ll be looking at Google and specifically we want to workout what they do best that we can learn from.

When you look at Google’s exhibition setups and in fact most of their front facing promotion you come away with an impression of a few things.

Quatreus Photo - Google 2008 (Munich) 014

1. They are very simple to look at and use but complex and powerful under the hood. For example their primary service: search all you need to do is type what you want and instantly you are given millions of related pages.

2. They are a fun company. Through their Google Doodles and other fun internet toys they create Google have placed themselves as the fun internet company, unlike some of their competitors like Facebook that has a much harder time maintaining a positive image.

Of these 2 most identifiable strengths of Google the one that they do best in their exhibitions is their sense of fun. So that is what we today will take inspiration from.


In this Science Fair Google give out Lego Trophies to the winners in the fair and they use many imaginative methods to get the audience (in this case children and teens) involved by giving them projects to complete and games to get involved in for fun. If you are dealing with younger people or just looking  to bring out the inner child in your customers and onlookers try taking a feather from Google’s cap.