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What Matters More – Your Sales Staff or Your Exhibition?

As you are probably aware, there are two key factors that are involved with any exhibition –

  • i) The type of display that you have.
  • ii) The sales staff who are in attendance.

However, if you were under the impression that one of these was more important than the other, then you would be very wrong.  The truth is (as any successful veteran exhibitor will tell you) that both of these aspects are just as valuable as one another. Sure, choosing the correct graphics and exhibition stands for your display is vital… but having a suitable sales team at work is every bit as important.

All in all, putting on a successful display at an exhibition or trade fair can be quite a fine balancing act. And whilst Discount Displays can most certainly help you to choose which type/s of stands to use, organising top notch sales staff will ultimately be down to you.  However, this will not be overly difficult just as long as you go about it all in the correct manner…

The secret to putting together an effective sales team is to look at it all from an exhibition visitor’s point of view. If they are to approach your stand, then there are a number of things they will expect from your staff –


Any potential client is bound to have questions. Bearing this in mind, it is vital that your staff have an extensive knowledge of your products. They should know exactly what they are talking about and should take time to answer any enquiries in detail.


If someone expresses an interest in your display, they should always be greeted politely and made to feel valuable. Visitors will rapidly lose interest if your employees give the impression that they simply cannot be bothered to talk! So if your workers look more interested in Bluetoothing the latest cool ringtones to one another, it could well result in your business losing out….


Any of members of your staff should be friendly, smartly dressed and very well-mannered. These qualities may sound a little ‘old-fashioned’ to some, yet they still remain every bit as relevant – even in this bright and shiny digital age! First impressions are extremely important in business and these really can make all the difference to a visitor’s final decision.