Where is the Perfect Exhibition Position?

Finding the right spot to place your exhibition stand in the exhibition hall can be very difficult not only because the best places are so massively dependant on which exhibitors you are surrounded by but also because the more prominent places can often be the most expensive areas of the floor to exhibit on, which means you need to be a bit more creative if you are exhibiting on a budget.


Creativity is the real key here, you want to be able to take the best aspects of the room you have and amplify them whilst understanding the worst parts of your placement so that you can minimise them.

Examples of positives are proximity to other attractions that are of interest to similar people to your target audience. So in this instance you have a constant flow of people coming past your display stand that are interested parties. Take the chance to build off of the traffic flow past your location and promote based upon that knowledge. Lead them to you by promising to blow the last display apart with your better experience. Every bit of stimulation around your stand affects the impression your audience will have of your efforts so don’t try to isolate but embrace your surroundings, own your space on the exhibition floor.


As far as negatives to down play, aim your facing so that you are not near toilets or other unattractive places such as bins. If you are smaller than the surrounding stands then do not try to pretend that you are not smaller than them but minimise the problem by making it a strength, make a point to greet visitors kindly and give them personalised help, this will differentiate you from the crowd and make your stand seem much more relatable and therefore memorable to visitors.