Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth in the Virtual Age

Word of Mouth has always been a successful marketing tool that creates a publicity cycle. The momentum it can generate for a brand has been widely covered in books such as The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and studies by Michael Trusov outlining the cyclical nature of WOM (word of mouth) leading to more customers, which in turn leads to greater word of mouth.

Word of Mouth

A great way to make contacts is through having a stand at a trade show, but is that enough?  Can you rely on the visitors of your stand to spread the word? Nowadays you can take it in your own hands and spread the virtual word!

Is a Trade Show enough?
Trade shows are timeless as a way to market your business, and it is beneficial to have that face-to-face contact with customers and competitors, however, how can you make a lasting impact after the event is over? A study by M.Trusov et al (2008) indicates that “WOM (word of mouth) elasticity is about 20 times higher than the elasticity for marketing events, and 30 times that of media appearances”. Social Networking is the new word of mouth! Not only can you use it to promote your stand, you can use it to reinforce any contacts made, and let them continue to promote your service. For example, ask customers to your stand to ‘like’ your facebook page.

Trust in Social Networking

There is no doubt that one of the most effectual ways of gaining trust in whatever product or service your business offers is through word of mouth, and thanks to a new age of social networking, you can start the ball rolling, and keep it rolling.
“We find that an increase in WOM (word of mouth) continues to impact new member signups for three weeks while traditional marketing effects last for three to seven days.” M.Trusov et al (2008)

Look at our guide  5 ways to promote your stand using social networking  for a better understanding of how to utilise social networking to get the most out of your trade show.