Should You Hire a Company to Maximise Your Exhibition Success?

Planning a successful exhibition stand can be an intimidating proposition for many people.  It’s not only a large time commitment but further more if your natural talents do not lay with event planning you might find yourself getting stressed due to the complications that inevitably come up when you are dealing with the many moving parts and organising all of the people that you need to get in to populate the stand and then manage all of the extra little things that always slip the mind until the last moment.


So at first blush it might seem like you would always want to hire somebody to do the work for you but of course the answer can’t be just that simple. Let’s take some time to look over all of the aspects of this option that must be considered before committing.

1. How much do you have to gain? If you are going to a reasonably small fair of exhibition are you really going to generate enough business from a professionally managed stand over that which you could do on your own? The bottom line is no matter how nice your stand is if you don’t run a profit the whole thing is a waste of time and money.

2. Do you know how good the agency that you will hire are? Do you have a good idea of their history and can you trust them with what might be a very important showing for your business or a brand new product. If you make a mistake it’s fair enough and you can learn from it, if you pay another group to manage your event and they mess it up not only are you out of pocket but you have not gained any experience to go forward with in the future, other than to avoid them that is.

3. Do you know what you want, and can you communicate your ideas easily? This one is interesting because you might get the best organisers around to manage your showing at the exhibition hall but if you can’t give them the tools they need to do what you want and need then again you will be out of pocket and without what you want, which will inevitably end up with you having to get more hands on. Which was the whole point of shifting the responsibility onto an external companies’ shoulders in the first place.