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Outdoor Displays

We have everything to create a great outdoor display. We can cater for all needs, from an individual attending a country fair to an organisation hosting an event such as a festival or sports event. Outdoor displays are a great way to highlight your brand and we have put together a range of display equipment that does this in a cost-effective way. Our outdoor advertising materials range from pavement signs to flags and banner stands.

If you need help choosing the right equipment for your outdoor display please call us on 020 8664 5660 or browse our product categories below.

We have been helping companies and event organisers to brand their events for over 30 years. Going as far back to the British Motor Cycle GP in 1987 to the inaugural London Triathlon. Our range of outdoor displays are designed to enhance your promotional efforts with high-quality hardware and first class service. Traditional PVC banners are still a versatile and cost-effective product popular for outdoor events and in recent times we have seen a lot of interest in feather flags.

If you need guidance on choosing the right outdoor display see our guide below or contact our team today for expert help. Call us on 020 8664 5660 or email us and we'll help you get the most out of your outdoor display.

About Our Outdoor Displays

Outdoor displays are an essential branding and marketing tool for anyone taking part in a county fair, concert, festival or outdoor sports event. Also ideal for school open days, shopping centre promotions and more, outdoor displays are designed to be bright, bold and eye catching in a crowd, as well as weather resistant and easy to set up and break down.

Here are some ideas of outdoor display equipment to enhance your next event.

Flags and Flagpoles

From basic bunting to forecourt flagpoles, advertising flags are an affordable and ever popular addition to any outdoor display. Naturally attracting attention as they move in the wind, traditional sewn flags are heavy and impressive, while fabric flags are vibrant, affordable and more easily customised with branding or logos. Portable options include backpack flags and feather flags with simple ground spikes, while durable heavy water bases and fixed flag poles are ideal for securing larger flags into position.

- Highly visible
- Easy to store and transport
- Affordable
- Easily customizable

- Sometimes unsuitable for use in high winds

Outdoor Banners

With a wide range of designs suitable for both temporary and permanent outdoor displays, banners add colour to any event.

Pop up banners are perfect for temporary use at short term events, bringing your branding or advertising to passing crowds in seconds. With the option to print on both of the high strength fabric sides, pop up banners fold down to be transported easily between shows, expos or fairs and take up minimal storage space.

Banner A-frames range from lightweight to heavy duty, which can make them more suitable for longer term events, and sizes range up to giant banners which are supplied with sturdy water filled bases.

Outdoor banner stands are designed to withstand the elements and different windspeeds, with sturdier poles and bases suitable for positioning on hard or soft ground in high traffic areas.

All outdoor banners are printed with waterproof PVC graphics, so your logo, branding or advertising will stay bright and eye catching, whatever the weather.

- Weatherproof
- Bold, bright PVC graphics
- Easy transportation and storage
- Fast set up times
- Suitable for high traffic areas

- Lighter flags and banners are not resistant to high winds.

Event Signage

Our range of event signage allows you to easily get your message in front of crowds, whether that’s adverts, parking signs or event safety notices.

Simple and effective, A-board frames are perfect for graphics that are frequently changed, and can be supplied as the frame only or with custom printed posters. Snapping into place in seconds, graphics changes are fast, easy and cost effective.

Pavement signs are durable, weather and wind resistant, and usually have a heavy, water fillable base, often with wheels or castors for easier repositioning. Pavement signs can display either your own graphics or we can create custom swing signs or posters to boost your branding.

To keep it really simple, chalkboard signs can be updated at a moment’s notice, and can also be supplied with reversible panels, allowing you the flexibility of choosing your custom graphics or writing your own chalk messages.

- Usually weatherproof
- Add custom graphics
- Good wind resistance
- Weighted, water filled bases available
- Suitable for high traffic areas

- Weighted displays may be difficult to reposition

Event Canopies

Providing visitors and customers with protection from the elements, and offering a focal point for your team and their guests, an event canopy or tent is an outdoor event essential.

Pop up event canopies can be supplied either plain or with custom printed branding to make your tent stand out from the crowd, and canopies come with a choice of back and side walls. Easy to put together in minutes, they are a practical and affordable option.

For a more impressive structure, inflatable canopies bring a contemporary feel to your event. Supplied with either a hand or electric pump, they can be fully inflated in just 5 minutes and have open sides to allow for maximum exposure. Light and portable, they are also easy to deflate and pack away for future events.

- Fast set up
- Protection from the elements
- Weatherproof
- Add custom graphics
- Focal point
- Easy transportation
- Compact storage

- Lighter weight canopies may be less wind resistant

Display Kits & Event Furniture

Event furniture turns your tent or canopy into an attractive and functional event space – we supply event seating, event tables, display counters and even event flooring to ensure your stand or space makes the right impression.

To create a truly professional finish, our cost effective display kits and bundles provide a custom background for your next promotional event. With pop up banners, custom printed exhibition stand panels, counters, display boards and brochure racks, our wide range of event bundles will have the perfect combination of event equipment for your next – and any future - promotional event.

Don’t forget to add a custom printed parasol and café barriers to your event kit to create an attractive outdoor space, and for high footfall areas, pedestrian control barriers are also available.

Advantages: - Professional looking finish - Expand your event kit - Create attractive inside and outside spaces - Customizable options Disadvantages: - Additional kit requires more storage space