Learn From Visiting Other People’s Exhibition Stands

When you are looking to start up new exhibition displays for yourself or even if you are unsure of the value of paying for a display stand for use in exhibition centres you will do well to make some time to investigate what your competition are doing with their exhibition spaces and use the knowledge gained from that study when planing what is the right path for your business to take.


Some of the most important aspects to look for are:

1. What is the foot flow like in the exhibition area? Are some areas more overlooked than others, or are some stands attracting many more people than most? You should look for any trends like this that you can notice and then investigate what is causing the people to move as they are. This knowledge is key for you to put together a comprehensive strategy for attracting your ideal audience.

2.What are the ways in which people looking at the stands are greeted? Are they actively approached by the display stand staff or do the staff wait to be approached, how pushy is the right amount,  how much is too much and how much is not enough? There is a fine line between both leaving potential customers out in the cold as it were and then on the other end putting people off by punching the product or service on them too strongly. At the end of the day it depends on who your target audience is.

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3. Which types of stand are attracting people most, which are pulling peoples attention most often? You will learn a lot about what is a good layout and an attractive stand design when you take the time to watch people’s eyes glancing about as they walk around. You should quickly see themes arise with some banners and displays attracting audiences much more quickly and often after a few minutes of observation. When you do notice these trends you should visit the areas that are most eye catching and study what they have chosen to display and do your best to take inspiration from them. Make sure to replicate their successes. Also critically if you see any stands that look expensive but are more empty than you would expect ask yourself why those stands are failing to attract the attention they want to.