3 Surefire Ways To Create An Attention Grabbing Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are fantastic ways for businesses to meet huge numbers of potential new clients, but the biggest problem with them is that you’re often competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses to get the attention of attendees. It is essential that your exhibition stand is eye-catching, but you also have to hold the attention of people who drop by if they’re to become a solid lead. Here are three essential tips you can use to ensure your stall stands out from the rest.

1. Shout about your services

When people are milling around exhibitions they have a lot to see within a short amount of time. You need to tell people what your business has to offer them as soon as their gaze passes by your stall. The best way to do this? An attention grabbing banner stand. This should tell people your business name, sum up your key services or products and include some interesting images that draw their gaze. A well designed and well placed banner stand is likely the first thing a person will see at your stall, so make sure it’s compelling enough to make them stop and talk to you for more information.

2. Make it interactive

Giving people something fun to do will draw them up to your stall and give you the opportunity to chat with them. It could be a product for them to try, or even a little interactive game to play with. Perhaps you could run a competition and people who leave you their business cards are entered into the draw. Think outside the box and come up with something unique and engaging; people will flocking round your stall in no time.

3. Offer freebies

Everybody loves a freebie, whether it’s a pen, USB, sticker, or even a small sample of one of your products. You can add your branding and logo to all these free items so that people are reminded of your business long after the exhibition ended. People will be drawn to your stall if they see you’re giving away cool free stuff, and once they’re there you can engage them in conversation and turn them into a lead.