How To Make Your Exhibition Stand More Environmentally Friendly

Over the last few years, the dramatic increase in awareness of climate change has become more apparent. This means it has become more crucial than ever, partially in the business environment, to be aware of how much we waste and how we can reduce this.

In this article, we are going to be exploring different ways of how to make your exhibition stand more environmentally friendly.


It is very common for exhibition stands to be used across multiple events throughout the year. With intelligent planning ahead, waste can easily be reduced.

Rather than creating a display out of non-recycled, single-use materials, why not instead choose a display that can be reused and rebranded with as much of the same components as possible. This will also save money, as well.

At Discount Displays, our display stands are super durable and last for years. Rather than purchasing a new display stand for every event, our customers use our replacement graphics to rebrand their exhibit for their next event, or one of our modular stands to add extra components rather than having to buy a whole new stand.

Use Energy Efficient Technology

Exhibits are getting more and more extravagant every year, lighting up a display can be one of the critical aspects in making it eye-catching and memorable to customers, but this can use a fair amount of energy over the course of a show.

Exhibitors need a way to have minimal impact on the environment while creating a show stopping display.

All exhibitors want and need light, but not all forms of light, such as traditional fluorescent lighting are environmentally friendly.

Luckily there are a lot more environmentally friendly, power-saving light options on the market such as LEDs and eco-halogens.

Flat screens, interactive surfaces and other forms of smart technology all have different energy-efficient alternatives, make sure you look out for products, which have an efficiency rating of A++ or A+++.

At Discount Displays, we have a range of stands, including lightboxes that are powered using low-voltage LED lighting, which are also long-lasting and don’t emit as much heat.

Reducing Fuel

The transportation sector produces more pollution than any other industry in the UK, but there are several energy-efficient ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

One of the more straightforward ways of reducing carbon is the method of storage of your display. Think about investing in a display that is flexible and folds easily into a car or van. Trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles produce a lot more CO2 than cars or vans.

Rollable, tension fabric graphics can easily be placed in a durable case or carry bag after being folded up, meaning they can fit in the boot of a car and still remain protected.

Eco-Friendly Printing Processes (Latex Inks)

At Discount Displays the majority of our graphics use latex inks, which produce a great finish, while minimising the environmental impact when producing the inks.

Latex inks are water-based, which makes them considerably more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent inks. They are also odourless and use significantly less hazardous VOC’s.

As latex inks are printed dry, it means that can be finished straight away, saving energy on having to have a long curing process.

Materials printed with latex inks are also widely recycled, making it a great choice when thinking about the post-use life of the signage.

What you think about our eco-friendly suggestions? Have you got any more ideas. Let us know in the comments.