The Cost of Exhibiting

Costs to consider when budgeting for your exhibition

Exhibiting can be a costly endeavour. We’ve put together this short guide to go over some of the costs associated with running a stand at an exhibition.

• Space

Usually charged by the square metre. Most exhibition venues offer space only, which is exactly that, or shell scheme. A shell scheme usually consists of a panel system on the stand perimeters, with a named headboard above the entrance. In theory, a shell scheme should enable you to turn up, hang a few graphics and get on with the show.

• Stand Design

This can vary greatly depending on your company branding, the show you are attending and your display stand products. Some exhibitors find it cheapest to do their own stand whilst many companies will employ a stand designer to gain maximum impact.

• Stand Build

Again, whilst it is possible to create your own stand, many companies will employ a stand builder to build and breakdown the stand. Many companies offer a combined design and build service.

• Lighting and Electrics

Don’t forget, once the stand is built, you will need to provide power and light. These facilities are often controlled by the event organisers and can be costly.

• Literature

It’s all very well having a lovely brochure and literature, but be aware of the cost of handing them out at a show. You can get through huge numbers, and if they are given to the wrong people, that could prove very costly.

• Transport

The whole stand, together with any literature, furniture and flooring as well as your products will need to be transported to and from the show.

• Entrance Tickets

Most exhibitions will allow a fixed number of tickets for the size of the stand, and if you need more for staff or invited guests, you may be asked to pay.

• Staff

In addition to having to pay staff for longer hours, there are usually associated costs involved such as accommodation, food, travel and parking.

• Catering

Whilst some exhibitors request their staff to feed themselves at the venues facilities, others may order in catering from the event organisers.

• Insurance

Make sure you have adequate insurance, not only for your goods on display, but also liability insurance should anyone hurt themselves whilst on your stand.

• Clear Up Costs

Make sure you take your rubbish and leftovers with you or you may well get charged.

• Damage Cover

If your designated site is damaged in any way, such as marking the flooring or damaging the shell scheme panels, you are likely to receive an invoice for the repair.

For more exhibiting advice you can download our free exhibition guide and for helpful product advice you can call our friendly team of display experts on 0844 800 1020.