New Range of iPad Stands and Tablet Holders

We are pleased to announce a new range of iPad stands and tablet holders have been added to our ever growing catalogue of display equipment.

Over the years we have seen first-hand the way people promote their business evolve and adapt to innovations in technology. The use of iPad and other tablet devices at exhibitions, events and point of sales is the latest trend to change the way businesses promote themselves. Although the initial outlay can be more expensive than poster display stands, the versatility and technological advantage that tablets have over traditional media make them a sound investment for the long run.

A great feature of tablets are that they can be used not only to display promotional information, but also to interact and engage with customers. We have seen tablet devices being used for this purpose in car showrooms, restaurants, museums, supermarkets and at trade shows to name but a few, and the list of promotional applications is sure to grow over the coming years.

Due to the growing demand to present the tablets in a stylish way that suits the environment they are in, we have carefully sourced an extensive range of iPad stands and tablet holder displays, that combine functionality with modern design.
Our range includes; iPad kiosk and counter top stands ideal for point of sales and trade shows, freestanding iPad holders that are perfect for presenting information, timetables and fact sheets and wall mounted tablet displays to make a high impact visual statement as part of your event display stand.
Many of our iPad holders boast features that include a swivel mount, the ability to display the tablet portrait or landscape, a choice of bezel shapes and colours and the ability to display your own custom branding.

For more information view our full range of iPad stands or call us on 0844 800 1020.