Uses Of iPads At Tradeshows

Since their introduction in 2010 the popularity and use of iPads has seen rapid growth with nearly 45 million units sold in the first 3 quarters of 2015. This rapid growth in popularity has also seen their use at tradeshows increase dramatically, gone are the days of static PCs and printed brochures, the tablet revolution is here to stay. Here are 10 ways to integrate iPads into your tradeshow and boost the impact and success of your display.

 1. Flexibility:

Tablets allow you to change data very rapidly. If you have brochures printed with a special show price you are stuck with it for the whole show but a similar offer can be changed at or during the show which allows you to adjust to the numbers of people and competitors.

 2. Engaging potential customers:

Relevant games or videos are good ways of grabbing people’s attention. Products videos can also cut down the amount of products you need to. This could also save you money by reducing the amount of space you need to hire off the organisers.

 3. Reduce the number of staff required:

Interactive displays, presentations or videos are good ways of spreading your staff further. iPads can keep potential customers engaged until your stand staff are free.

 4. Collecting Customer data:

Use competitions on tablets to catch customer details for your mailing list. This also reduces the need to write out prospects details then input them manually to your database.

 5. Time Efficiency:

There are a number of time saving iPad apps that can be used to capture business card information.

 6. Customer Feedback:

You could use a tablet to run a customer feedback survey gaining important data on how to improve your displays in the future.

 7. Competitions:

As well as being great for running competitions, iPads also make great prize. Their popularity is likely to increase the number of entries you’ll get and data you can capture for future marketing.

 8. Mobility:

Your sales team will no longer be stuck by the PC or brochure rack on your stands. Fully wireless tablets mean they are able to travel around the trade show with all the information such as videos, price sheets and your website, attracting more attention towards your display.

 9. Giving out information:

Believe it or not iPads are likely to save you money on your display. Having the ability to quickly email data or wirelessly print it will greatly reduce your need for brochures and leaflets – saving you money. Not only this having wireless access to the internet means that far more information is available to you.

 10. Image:

There is no doubt that using iPads in your display gives a certain image to your company, making you look trendy, up to date and professional, which is important for any company.

With great competition for attention at tradeshows, iPad’s are a must have part of any successful display. Why not look at our large range of iPad stands and displays to find the perfect way to incorporate iPad’s into your next trade show display. Including our fantastic iPad software, enabling to do all of the above with ease!